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Transforming Pain to Passion

I have been so blessed, probably not how most people would consider blessed, but blessed with a life full of trauma.

 Trauma has been my way to uncover my passion and purpose. Most of the taboo/stigmatized subjects, has been a big part of my experience. Addiction to substances, overdose, physical, emotional and sexual abuse including rape, neglect, abandonment, a teenage suicide attempt which was nearly successful.  In the first 25 years of my life, I had experienced more deaths in my life, than most people have had in a lifetime. Heartbreaks and betrayals that almost ruined they way I view relations and a life changing health diagnosis of cervical cancer at 24 that caused a need for hysterectomy at 27.,... I could go on, but you get the drift.  I absolutely feel so incredibly grateful for all of these experiences and would not change one thing, as I see  EVERY moment in my life has been for THIS exact time in my Life. I believe that I have experienced full swings of the pendulum to be able to be there for the darkest times amd the brightest, and to be able to relate to all walks of life and many different cultures.

I feel nothing but compassion and love for all that has been in and out of my life including the "other people”,  as they have all served a greater purpose and helped show me my greatest powers and strength. 

Every interaction and whole Life is dedicated toward serving Love and Humanity, I feel and see that we have so many things to be excited about, especially since so much is uncertain right now.

I have known that I have had a Higher Calling to turn my pain into my purpose and my passion is empowering people through their most difficult experiences.   I have gone through tremendous healing and transformational enlightening experiences which has allowed my Higher Purpose to transmute the pain and see that this was all happening for me.  All of these experiences guided me to remember my authentic power, that I AM a Powerful Light Being, a Divine Feminine able to show nurturing and vulnerability while grounding my strength and allowing my Heart to be the center for my Power 

I have a unique and contagious energy that allows others to shift their perceptions in current situations that they may find debilitating.  The energy that I am able to harness for others allows others to feel safe in sharing their deepest hurts-  My whole life, people have said “I have never told anyone the things that I have shared with you”  I am at a space in my Life that I am able to open my energy up for a Soul Mentorship Program. Our Soul is asking us to step into and face what we have ran from. Our world and culture is demanding that people look at their past patterns and start reevaluating their choices.

We have been held within a society that has been in survival mode and now we see ourselves as more than just surviving we are spiritual beings, looking to thrive and feel fulfillment, wondering what is True Love?  What is True Happiness and  What is Joy?  

My Divine Purpose has brought me here to show that through the biggest pendulum swings of life, we are able to get to our core essence and Love Life, Love Humanity, and be in Bliss just because we are present

Coming together in Soul Mentoring, my intention is that you will be empowered to not need external validation or recognition, you are your own power and that you can embody all that you are, without fear or judgment.

If you are curious about partnering up with me for a Soul Mentorship, I would love to connect and share in a free consultation what this transformational program could look like for you! To connect, book a free consultation in my service menu!

You are worthy of all this Love, of Happiness, you are worthy of YOU.

Blessings to You

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"My passion is guiding people back to remembering their own healing powers"

At different times in our life, we may feel lost and unsure where to turn next.  Everything that we have done in our life doesn’t seem to be working as well as it seemed to before.  We know we need to do something different, but what?  How do you even begin something when you don’t even know what it is that you're doing?

Maybe we have never connected to purpose in our life, or we never connected to a safe and Loving “Higher Spirit”  and feel disconnected from why we are here.  It could be that we have experienced so much pain and hurt, that we don’t even know how to begin trusting ourselves or anyone. We could've always felt different or as if we didn’t belong, but, somewhere inside we feel that we are made for more, and yet, not quite sure what that is.

As a transformational guide and soul coach, creating a safe and non-judgemental space is my top priority.  When we are given the freedom to explore all of our emotions, beliefs, and thought processes, so much can be transformed.  Without judging ourselves or our thoughts, on what we think we should feel, we get to unravel so many layers of what has been entangled within us.  Allowing a free expression of ALL things in us, our gifts and abilities begin to show themselves more prevalently in our life.  We begin to love and accept all parts of self, even the perceived “flaws”.  Parts that we were afraid of or parts that we have tried to “fix” we begin to understand it is all Divine Perfection.

Learning to live authentically empowers you to live from the light of your heart's desire. 

Together we create a daily practice that works for you and helps connect you to Spirit/Source/God/Universe/Love. Daily practice helps you to connect to a greater purpose in your life. Together we discover a great sense of Love and Divine Purpose;

 We move from resentful, and angry, to forgiveness and gratitude. We learn to use our pain, for our passion and we learn that as we heal ourselves, we also heal others.

 We look at the belief systems and fears that have kept you from trusting Spirit and trusting your Inner Guidance. 

Over the past 4 years I have obsessively studied many different spiritual tools and have certificates in Angelic Healing, NLP, breathwork, Energy Healer, Theta healing, DNA activations, chakra clearing, and balancing. I am also an avid Astrology student and have also studied and completed the first 3 sequences in Gene Keys. With all of my studies and obsessive seeking, the number one thing I have learned is that we ALL have the innate ability to heal ourselves, it's just that we have been made to doubt this at every turn in our life.  My biggest Joy comes from empowering YOU to heal yourself and unleash your magic- I have a Passion for guiding people to heal themselves and teaching them how they can tap into the remembrance of their own power. 

By making our unconscious thoughts conscious, we are able to change our behaviors.  What most people don’t realize, is the reason WHY we do or don't anything, is our driving force in life.  What this means is our sabotaging behaviors are driven by a “hurt” and fragmented energy, that we are not aware of.  As we take the path of transformation we uncover how the unconscious thoughts even started and learn how to allow these thoughts to teach us and learn what these thoughts are telling us. 

As you begin on this path, you can find greater ease within your heart space, experience less anger, and anxiety, and feel a sense of purpose. You can begin to feel joy and happiness and connect to the playful and innocent you once again.

A Soul Coach can support you through turbulent and unknown times.  Spiritual mentorship can also be ongoing support on your path, or you're at a turning point in your life and you need someone to be on your team, You could also feel alone and not know where to start or how to shift your life and align to you your soul purpose. A guide can be there with you or you may also align with a mentor if you are a healer yourself, having someone by your side as you heal people is a huge benefit to increase awareness of your ever expanding Light  You are ready for big changes and you are tired of living out the same redundant life you feel as if there is more that you haven't tapped into yet and you want someone who is there to grow with you.

We are all at different phases in our lives and on different healing paths, therefore each individual has their own unique path and timeline. There are no set rules or guidelines. There's just a commitment that you make to yourself,  you are choosing yourself and learning what is best for you at any given time.   

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