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Sacred Self Mentoring (Intensive Selection)

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The Intensive Selection: Approximately 6 Months of Elaine's Personal Involvement (Lifetime Access): This is not a fleeting commitment; it's a lifelong partnership with Elaine herself. You have lifetime access to the program! 13 One-on-One Sessions (Approximately 13 Hours)BiWeekly Zoom Sessions: These sessions are where the real magic happens. Dive deep into your past, explore your present, and chart your future in a safe and non-judgmental space. Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls and Daily Card Pulls with Guidance Contemplations: Stay connected and inspired with bi-weekly Zoom calls that challenge your boundaries. Daily card pulls provide bite-sized wisdom to fuel your journey. 6 Recorded Readings (One Per Month): These recorded readings are your personal roadmap to specific aspects of your transformation. They offer fresh insights whenever you need them most. 1 Intuitive heART Session (90 Minutes): Unleash your creativity and intuition in this unique session. Uncover your Subconscious through this uniquely created Service In the Sacred Self Mentoring Program, we don't shy away from the weird, unconventional, or tumultuous; we embrace it. This is where crying and anger are celebrated as steps on the path to healing, and the entire spectrum of life is seen as sacred. Join us on this unconventional journey and celebrate your unique path to growth, self-discovery, and transformation. It's time to rebel against the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary within you.

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