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Radiant Rebirth: Creating Connections

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I felt that I would be able to write a manual that people could relate to and be able to use for identifying their core needs and why they began identifying with the roles of the person (archetype) to get their needs met. 133 pages later, I created an intense healing blueprint that goes over everything that I learned through decades of trauma therapy and training, along with my obsessive research in metaphysical topics. Radiant Rebirth is the 133-page blueprint. It has 17 layers (process) starting from historical events, belief systems, childhood development, parents' upbringing, and parents' relationship. It goes into generational trauma and childhood adversities and what this looks like in adulthood. What makes this different than other processes is that this specifically gets us in tune with our emotional body, our energetic body, and connecting that to sensory healing, such as aromatherapy and crystals, and clearing rituals. The blueprint connects the experiences to our mind, body, and spirit, and the unseen world. Because in traditional therapy, they are technically only allowed to bring in these aspects if they have scientific evidence. This is where I differ because I use my pain and spirituality and connection to the unseen to empower others, for others to see that there is a bigger picture, especially when we cannot see it. I feel that bridges a lot of these concepts together.

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Radiant Rebirth: Evolving From Past Generations

Radiant Rebirth: Evolving From Past Generations

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