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  Rewrite Your Narrative
Reclaim Your Voice
Reconnect Your Heart



 My journey from pain to purpose, combined with my raw poetic style, inspires those ready to challenge traditional approaches to healing.  I'm Elaine, proof that even the deepest wounds can fuel transformation. As an oppression alchemist, I guide those seeking freedom to break free from old patterns, transmute pain into power, and discover their own authentic path.


Is this your time to shift the way you live?

(That's me! Little Elaine!  This is an inner child collage i created through session)

Fueled by my past perceived limits to stepping into my truest self, I'm passionate about showing others how sensitivity and 'not fitting in' are your superpowers.  I used several tools that showed me a sovereign way to my path: astrology  Human Design, and Gene Keys. learn how i used these tools for sovereign living

 As a healer who transforms pain into power (Chiron in Gemini) and a champion for personal and societal justice (Libra Midheaven), I channel insights to guide profound change and anchor in a sovereign way of life.

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