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I am passionate about authenticity
I get most excited for vulnerability
and Love the healing power of crying.

I celebrate this Mess of BEing Human.

I am in Love with all of Life
and I want you to be able to experience
this Sovereign Life with me!



Hello Lovely

I am Elaine! I am a Creatrix in every sense of the word. My visionary and creative spirit is a constant source of inspiration.  my quirky humor and childlike wonder create an infectious energy

I'm passionate about  the synergy between Body, Mind, and Spirit, and bringing in the connection between trauma and Spirit. I want to share my journey with you, from breaking free from all addictions, and healing generational trauma, to empowering my fierce Spirit and pioneering a new paradigm shift. It truly has been an experience that encompasses a full pendulum swing. I'm sharing all of me for a couple of reasons, first of all, I want you to know that you are not alone and I hope that my sharing openly builds trust. Secondly, sharing our experiences empowers others to know that they are not tied to their experiences and to break free from the shame that they may feel.  My special gift is a deep connection to a nourishing channel of spiritual energy that I generously share with others, invigorating and comforting them on their journey.

My energy is transformative and catalyzes spiritual growth, with a gentle yet powerful potency that sets me apart. So, let's dive deep into the window of my soul - my website (just kidding). I promise to be transparent and authentic with you, so you can feel safe to share your own journey with me. Together, we'll explore the depths of the heart, unlocking its power to heal and transform.

When you're ready for lasting change, I am here for you.

Have you experienced feeling like an outcast before? I know I have!For me, that was a key part of my own spiritual journey. I discovered that my perceived learning disability actually gave me a unique perspective on the world, and being highly sensitive, was an invaluable gift. Learn How I turned a percieved learning disability into my strength. My rare energy profile (less than 8% of population) has an advantage to being a Natural Healer and Channel for Spirit. By sharing my charts (natal chart, Gene Key, Human Design) and insights, you can determine if I resonate with your healing journey. There comes a time when your system can no longer conform to the material world, and your physical body begins to reject what is not meant for you. The sooner you learn and lean into your true energy blueprint, the sooner you begin to feel better. I want to share with you not only how I overcame my biggest obstacles but also how my approach to healing differs from others. Each of us is a unique being created with love, and we each have our own special blueprint to contribute to the energetic harmony of the universe. I consider myself blessed to have uncovered my blueprint and dedicated to understanding how my energy works best so that I can offer nurturing and loving service to others. Although I recognize that I have a rare and unique energy imprint, I honor the gifts I have been given by committing to sacred service. I want you to know that you too have a unique purpose here, and if you feel out of place, it is likely because you have not fully tapped into your sacred blueprint yet. The reason I am sharing all of this with you is to give you a better sense of who I am and how I work. Additionally, I want to help you understand that labels such as "learning disabilities" or "lack of attention" are often misunderstood. In fact, these perceived disabilities can be used to deepen your connection to the source. Let me share my experience with you. As a child, I was teased and bullied in school, called names like "dumb blonde," "crazy," and "ditsy". I felt too different and tried to tame and cover up my eccentricities, but as a highly sensitive being, this made life extremely difficult for me. School was challenging, and I struggled with the structured learning atmosphere. I was already dealing with life experiences and insights that even most adults couldn't relate to, making it hard to focus on what seemed like superficial topics in school. I was always doodling, daydreaming, and feeling disconnected from the world around me. I was diagnosed with ADHD, and for a while, I let that label hold me back. However, I no longer believe in that label and have learned to harness that energy and work with it instead of fighting it. In addition to my academic struggles, I was also incredibly awkward and shy. Despite being overstimulated, I was very social and often connected with the "underdog." After high school, I had no idea what I was going to do and just winged it. Fortunately, a divinely timed apprenticeship in hairstyling came my way. During my 17-year career as a hairstylist, I channeled my creativity into sculpting and painting hair, as well as having conversations with my clients. However, I also struggled with drug addiction, which kept me hidden from myself and others. In 2018, I had a rapid awakening and found validation and confirmed my "mission" through astrology. This experience helped me realize my unique purpose and design, and how my perceived flaws and challenges were actually a deeper connection to Source. Through my process of evolving out loud and sharing some of my story and charts with you, I hope to empower you to find your truth and tap into your sacred blueprint. You too have a unique purpose Before I go any further into how I have used my biggest challenges for the greatest strength, I want to define the tools that I use. Let’s begin with Astrology, because this is definitely the most well-known system for understanding energetic placements. For me, astrology simply made sense. Everywhere I went, people talked about it, and I realized that if everything carries different energetic signatures, planets must as well. Just like any other energetic entity, when planets connect through degree points, they create a whole other energy. Studying charts is a passion of mine, and it's amazing to see how they all work together to prepare for upcoming energies. When I finally understood my chart, I felt seen, heard, and understood, and everything in my past made sense. My obsession with astrology led me to discover Gene Keys, a system that immediately drew me in with its unique narrative of understanding. It felt as though my story was being told through a sequence of numbers, and I was given the "key" to unlock and turn shadow frequencies into the highest frequencies. While I don't guide people through their Gene Keys, I do help them understand and use their profile in the services I provide. If you're interested..I know some incredible Guides, that can take you through learning your profile in the Gene Keys. Gene Keys made me cry because of the depth at which I felt heard and understood. It gave me a space to feel as though I finally knew why I had encountered and participated in life the way I had. I have gone through this system several times, and what I find profound is that it not only helps you understand the shadow energies of your personality but also teaches you how to transmute them into higher frequencies. Gene Keys is an excellent resource for learning about generational wounds and collective healing, while also giving you a conscious way to work through limiting beliefs. I was initially drawn to Gene Keys and then came Human Design, which has had a significant impact on how I learned to use my unique energy in the world. Human Design is Most beneficial in learning how we work within connections and where we can work best with our natural state of energy in the Workforce. What is also super fascinating with Human Design is that it incorporates ancient systems like IChing, Chakra System, Tree of Life, and Astrology, and it helped me realize that I was trying to fit myself into places I wasn't meant to be. For instance, American culture's "hustle and grind" perspective has been detrimental to people's mental health, as everyone tries to fit into a standard that they believe they should adhere to. Learning how to use your energy to work for you is one of the most liberating things one can do, particularly for individuals who want to work with others. By understanding that I am a 3/5 profile, I discovered that I am meant to learn through experience, build and break bonds, and then share my knowledge through my experiential learning. I have gone through the depths of the underworld to return and then learn to integrate all the experiences and then assist others and show them easier and unique ways to dissolve their barriers to True Heart. All the trial and error in my life has taught me that I have not been wrong, that is part of my gift here. I used this learning to help others during their darkest times and guide them back to an empowered state. Human Design has also taught me that I am extremely sensitive and receptive. As an emotional manifestor with a reflector body, both of which are under 8% of the population, this knowledge has been crucial in understanding how to use and work with my uncommon energy blueprint. I have never been able to sustain energy and often shut down in overstimulated situations, which led to my drug use as I felt I couldn't finish anything because I was never operating at the same level as everyone else. Learning about my design enabled me to dissolve my beliefs about ADHD and begin to discover what I am meant to do. Having an uncommon energy type doesn't provide many opportunities to learn from others, but that's because I am a way-shower and here to pioneer a new way of doing things, which society will eventually evolve into. As a Channel for Spirit, having this unique openness gives me penetrating insight into people's core, allowing Spirit to guide me for every choice. I will feel things to the core of my being and even begin experiencing people's energy before I connect with them. This is uncommon for healers who sometimes seek external guidance, whereas the more I lean into my own, without any external influence the more clear of a channel I can be. I believe that Spirit just "is." It is every little thought, image, memory, and sensation, which is possible due to my design. I'm still learning how I can be of service without neglecting my energy and self-care. That's why self-nurturing and self-care are my top priorities. While it's necessary for everyone, I must be RADICALLY and RELENTLESSLY loving myself through times when I "think" I "should be doing it this way," and fiercely trust all emotions and sensations that come up for me. Thus, if I feel like I cannot follow through on something I said I would, I follow that because there is a reason. I realize that this is a big part of my message and the work that I am here to do. To inspire and guide others to trust their own unique energy and follow their own path, espesially if it looks different from what society expects. We need” the different ones” in this time in Humanity. In my journey, I have learned that being a Compassionate Rebel is my natural state of being. It means that I am willing to challenge the status quo and do things differently, within the macro society and especially within the Spiritual Community, and it is always from a place of love and compassion. This means that I am willing to stand up for what I feel is in the highest good for all, even if it goes against the norm. And it means that I am willing to be vulnerable and authentic, even if it makes others uncomfortableFor me, being a Compassionate Rebel is not just a label, it's a way of life. It's how I navigate the world and interact with others. And through my own experiences, I have found that it is also the most fulfilling way to live. When I follow my own unique energy and allow Spirit to guide me, I am in alignment with my true purpose and I feel the most alive. If any of this sounds familiar or you can relate to this, trust that there is no mistakes and all of those obstacles are leading you where you need to go. You have everything you need within you to navigate the journey, and to learn this, connecting with people who have gone through this already is espesically important- if you feel connected to any part of my story, I am here and waiting to create with you!


Against all odds, my journey has been one of survival, a testament to the unwavering spirit that refuses to be crushed. I stand here today, a beacon of hope for those who dare to defy the impossible, eager to share the depths of my experiences with those who seek healing. Transparency is my guiding principle, as I reveal not only the core hurts that have shaped me but also the transformative strength they have bestowed upon me. I have witnessed and come to trust that these very experiences can serve as portals to authentic power, guiding us towards a life filled with deeper meaning and purpose. What some may consider traumatic, I have come to view as blessings in disguise. From the absence of a biological father to being raised by a single mother and grandmother, my early years were marked by constant upheaval. Relentless movement became the backdrop of my childhood, as I found myself uprooted from one place to another, sometimes twice a year. At the tender age of four, I was subjected sexual abuse. Wandering through a world of bars and shifting babysitters as my mother sought refuge in her own pursuits. The weight of immense loss and heartache accompanied me into adolescence, leading me to my first encounter with suicide and the confines of a psychiatric ward. Seeking solace and connection, I sought refuge within the embrace of Alcoholics Anonymous at the age of fifteen. For the next two decades, my life became a dance between addiction and recovery, as I grappled with the shadows that threatened to engulf me. The depths of my struggles manifested in a series of sexual assaults, leaving me unconscious and stranded in the unfamiliar domains of strangers' basements. Theft, deceit, manipulation, and betrayal were all too normalized as I spiraled further into the abyss of my own self-destructive tendencies. At twenty-two, I wound up in an inpatient program, and days after my release, I went to my addictive sexual behavior and found that I had gotten pregnant, shortly after discovering this miracle, I recived The diagnosis of cervical cancer and this became another chapter in my tumultuous narrative, leading me through a labyrinth of surgeries that culminated in a profound act of surrender—a full hysterectomy at the age of twenty-seven, following the birth of my 2nd child, a precious daughter in 2011. Yet, it was during a five-year psychosis that the seeds of awakening were sown within me. In 2017, the intervention of cherished friends saved me from the clutches of my own demise, igniting a rapid transformation that propelled me into a tireless quest for meaning and purification. I uncovered my purpose, my mission, and with unwavering determination, I embraced the full magnitude of my power. The journey from powerlessness to authentic empowerment, from destitution to abundance, and from worthlessness to unwavering value has been my metamorphosis. And now, as I stand before you, I offer you the gift of my presence, my wisdom, and my unwavering support. If you are ready to shed the shackles of your past, to embrace the beauty that lies within your wounds, and to step into the radiant light of your own healing, I invite you to embark on this transformative voyage together. It is my honor to guide you, to witness your blossoming, and to celebrate your emergence as a luminous soul, unburdened by the chains of your past. The time has come to reclaim your power, to nurture your soul, and to embark on a journey that will forever redefine the landscape of your life. Let us embark on this sacred pilgrimage towards self-discovery, healing, and the profound liberation that awaits you. Welcome, dear soul. The path to wholeness


Knowing what to do or where to go when you are wanting to do things differently, can be a bit of a daunting experience. Maybe you have hit rock bottom and are unsure of the next step, perhaps you have tried other healing work, and it didn’t seem to help. Maybe you know what you need to do and are unsure how to execute it, or It could be that you have actually done everything “right” and still feel a void, or a yearning for something more. Whatever point you are at on your journey, I meet you there. Perhaps you've never felt purpose here, or you've never felt connected to a higher power that feels safe and loving. You may have been through so much pain and trauma that you don't know how to trust yourself or anyone else. Deep down, you know you're meant for something more, but you're not sure what that is yet. It's easy to get lost in anger, resentment and pain, the real magic happens when we decide to use these experiences and emotions to build our inner grace, compassion and authentic power. We can use our pain as fuel to ignite our passion and by doing this we not only heal ourselves, we become a beacon for those around us. By transforming our painful experiences and emotions into tools for growth, we can cultivate a sense of inner strength and resilience that allows us to navigate even the most difficult of situations with grace and compassion. When we choose to embrace our pain and use it as a catalyst for personal transformation, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities and opportunities for growth. Ultimately, it is through these experiences that we can develop a deep sense of empathy for others, and use our own struggles to help lift up those around us. Let my story be a testament to this. As someone who has gone through their own obsessive spiritual seeking journey, I've learned that we all have the power to heal ourselves. The problem is that we've been conditioned to doubt ourselves every step of the way. However, empowering people to tap into their inner power and unleash their magic is my biggest joy. By bringing our unconscious thoughts to the surface, we can start to change our behaviors and live a more fulfilling life. Most people don't realize that our driving force in life is often rooted in our unconsious wounds. By exploring these wounds and allowing them to teach us, we can begin to heal and find purpose once again. I am not “that” guide. I want to make it clear that I am not your typical guide. You may be looking for someone who fits the mold of what you envisioned as a “perfect”healer, the aestically pleasing photo opp on IG, the constant facebook or TikTok posts. I am some of that, and I am also awkward, goofy, and I make up my own words, and sometimes fumble on my words. I embrace that Spirit is in Me and I of Spirit- all we need is ourself, showing up. I am the portalto your connection to a deeper you. I activate a pause and a stillness so you can listen deeper. I am very real and embody the Divine in everything, which is sometimes messy and that is my human dance right now. Healing is accessible, and it happens in the midst of life. We don't want to transcend our experience; we want to learn to love all of it. I am not that guide that does big group settings or ceremonies. I guide people to live in a state of union with themselves, and a continual ceremony with Life. I allow you the space to get to know your Self- because that is what we have been fighting against up until now. Our relationship is a portal for you to learn boundaries and fiercely learn more about you. From chaotic to stillness, from feeling worthless to invaluable, Our healing portal is designed to break you free from the entaglement of others. I see things differently than most guides and even contradict them. I may trigger you, and that is the beauty of our healing relationship; we learn triggers are ok and that they activate a deeperlayer of healing. I'm not always plugged into social media, I create boundaries and fiercely love on myself and my family, and I guide people to learn how to do that too. Transformation begins with self-love, and I embody this deeply. As we begin co-creating together, we'll explore not just your mental and emotional landscape, but also your physical, spiritual, and creative aspects. We'll tap into your body's innate wisdom and uncover the deep wellspring of creativity that lies within you. We'll also delve into spiritual practices and explore the connection between your inner world and the wider universe, uncovering new depths of meaning and purpose. Throughout our journey, we'll take time to pause and reflect, allowing space for insights, revelations, and new perspectives to emerge. This may mean slowing down, cultivating stillness, or simply being present with whatever arises in the moment. This journey is not just about finding a destination or a cure. It's about uncovering the true essence of who you are and living your life from a place of wholeness and authenticity. Your struggles and challenges are not weaknesses but rather portals for growth and transformation.

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