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Life Force Energy

Dr. Wihelm Reich researched a culmination of organic and inorganic materials, discovering orgone energy, which helps break up dense frequencies and neutralize any negative/anion energy, allowing more life energy to flow freely.  Orgone energy is considered life force energy, Chi, Prana, or Universal energy.  This energy moves all around us and within us.  The more we have suppressed emotions, the denser frequencies we carry, therefore as Dr. Reich’s research has shown using an orgonite, can help aid in breaking up denser frequencies and allowing the emotions to be expressed and released easier.  

 I handmake and infuse the orgonite with Violet and Blue Flame Energy, giving an almost immediate ease to the receiver. 

Orgonites can be of assistance to anyone who, is working through great stages of shadow work and integration

These orgonites are combined with healing crystals, metal, and resin, I also include sacred geometry symbols made from metal as to increase the healing intention and frequency.  Crystal energy combined with sacred symbols helps to anchor the amplified state of orgone energy and allows the filtration of negative energy to transmute.  

You can use the orgonite to place around your house, next to doorways, beds and/or carry the pocket size ones, on you!  I have a variety of different shapes and sizes as well as intuitively channeled creations if you prefer, and I can do custom orders also.

Can’t wait to create with you!!

Elaine with Heart Activation

Sacred Geometry Copper Stickers and Metal Sacred Symbol Charms, magnify the energies.
Sacred Geometry shows a blueprint of creation, the origin of all forms.  It explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things.  Sacred Symbols each have their own meaning and can spark a Divine Remembrance within your Soul.

The shape of the orgonite depends on how you plan to use it.  Orgonites can be used placed around the home to neutralize spaces.  Orgonites can also be handheld so you can carry around with you, I also create charging plates, which can be used to break down the ions in the liquid and charge the water and dispel EMF's.

I have over 20 different tumbled crystal chips that I intuitively choose from unless you specifically ask for certain crystals.  Crystals each carry their own unique frequency, and so paired with Copper and metals, this amplifies the energy and creates a magnificent piece.  Typically the color of the stone is connected to the corresponding chakra, which allows us to feel where energy can be denser.

Contact me to create your own personalized orgonite and we can go through any of the options you may want or have questions about.  I have displayed a wide variety of pieces I have already made.