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Date with Destiny

I would say that some of my closest connections are people who are from all over the world, and Jess is one of them. I knew almost instantly, that she would be a part of my next phase in life. We are in a Mastermind Group together, which she created, and instantly started collaborating on how to expand our soul-preneur-focused businesses. Her contagious energy for life and creating was a breath of fresh air. She has mirrored aspects of myself that I love; enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and purity, and there is an aspect of myself she mirrors, that I am just starting to tap into and harness, this is the organized, structured, detailed oriented side of self. She has an effortless flow of both, Masculine and feminine energies and I KNEW that she is someone I want to work with, pulling me closer to my authentic and powerful self. Beyond the first few insights, there is a very unique story behind this exuberant soul and one that I am excited for us to get to know more of!!

Like some of us, her childhood background consists of, extreme trauma,addiction, toxic relationships, and emotionally unavailable parents. Her passion to create her own music was her outlet when younger, and now is her soul's expression. The part of her journey that is very unique to me, is the almost instant remembrance like she had a date with destiny and an instantaneous awakening. Jess has been able to show me what IS possible from the so-called "impossible" and is a beautiful embodiment of "Soul On Fire". Through her one-of-a-kind experience, she shows how to never lose hope, because life really can change in the blink of an eye and your circumstances WILL change if you are open to receiving the changes. Jess shows her gratitude by empowering others to heal themselves and guiding people back to their own remembrances. I hope that you resonate with the empowered voices that are shared in this episode and find some valuable insights for yourself.

Blessings Beyond,


If you find that you may want to work with Jess she is available at

IG: jess_mindsetalchemy

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