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Feeling Out Of Sorts? Quick Overview of Grounding Basics

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

When we begin the ascension journey or the beginning of unbecoming, we can feel overwhelming by energies. We seek answers to help guide our thoughts and learn more about what we are going through.

A simple step-by-step through meditation, breathing for centering, and ways in discerning intuition and instincts.

Meditation is a practice and one that we will always work through, there is never a goal in point with meditation. People often say "I am bad at meditating, that's why I don't do it" - Sure we are all bad at something when we start and that is why we keep practicing the technique. Meditation is to teach you to separate that you are an observer of the thoughts- you are not your thoughts. By learning how to pause and clear your thoughts, you can center yourself in a world of chaos.

Balloon belly breathing is a technique that teaches us to breathe differently than what we were taught and teaches how to use your whole stomach, not your chest. This allows for more oxygen to circulate through your bloodstream than if you were to have shallow chest breathing.

Yoga has become so popular in our society, but did you know that Yoga means Union with Source? When we are conducting salutations, we are moving any energy that has possibly been blocking you from feeling union with Source and with self. Yoga connects energy center pathways and gets our Chakras moving in ways that other movements might not be able to.

I go into more detail about how this works within our energetic and physical body in the recording.

If you wish to clear energy blocks with subconscious tools- I highly suggest heART and Soul Session. Which you can check out here

I am wishing you Serenity and Magic

From My Heart to Yours


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