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Initiations into Vulnerability: Aries Full Moon

The transition into winter often carries a sense of nostalgia, a bittersweet reminder of the fleeting nature of life. In regions like the Midwest, where the weather offers only a brief window of opportunity for outdoor activities, we tend to compress our plans and ambitions into a few short months. The energies that accompany this shift are indeed unique.

What 2023 has brought us so far is a gradual dissolution of old behaviors and belief systems that have long prevented us from fully connecting with our heart-centered selves. To achieve this connection, we must create a sense of security within our physical bodies and minds. Throughout this year, we've witnessed the mind's tendency to overcomplicate matters, pushing us towards embracing the wisdom of the heart.

This process has led many of us to confront deep-seated fears, surrendering to the transformative journey within. It has compelled us to delve into our heart spaces, an endeavor that fosters a profound sense of safety within our physical vessels and the environments we inhabit. To feel secure in our surroundings, we must first establish a firm foundation and acknowledge that the mechanisms we once believed protected us may now hinder our growth.

Coincidentally, the start of Libra season aligns with the Aries full moon. Libra, often associated with balancing the scales of justice, encompasses various facets of relationships. While it includes romantic partnerships, it also extends to encompass commitments, especially those involving paperwork and business partnerships. Libra, in essence, invites us to examine the many connections that shape our lives.

The Aries full moon, on the other hand, is deeply connected to the self. It resonates with our physical bodies and is associated with the root chakra, represented by the color red. This full moon energy shines a light on the survival mechanisms that have obstructed our ability to connect with others. It's a powerful time for inner child work and shadow archetype exploration.

In this transformative phase, we are urged to reconsider the belief systems rooted in survival rather than thriving. These belief systems were crafted to meet our basic security needs but often overlooked our emotional well-being. Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, is the planet of war, symbolizing impulsive and reactive actions. Aries, as the first sign in the zodiac, embodies a sense of youthful energy and instinctual reactions.

The crystal energies of this time are highlighted by red jasper, associated with basic security and the ability to survive and thrive. Clear quartz also makes an appearance, offering balance to all chakras and the amplification of energies. Clear quartz serves as a versatile and gentle companion in our journey.

As we delve into the energetic aspects of this Aries full moon, we encounter the card "Temptation." This card beckons us to explore the concept of temptation itself. In doing so, we may uncover a perspective that challenges conventional notions of sin and wrongdoing. Often, organized religions frame sin as the act of making bad choices, painting individuals as inherently flawed.

Yet, what if we were to consider sinning not as an action against others but as a betrayal of our inner divinity? Perhaps it is the neglect of our inner selves, the refusal to acknowledge the glorious beings we are within, that constitutes the true essence of sin. This alternative viewpoint invites us to reflect on our choices and the underlying emotions that trigger them.

In our society, fear is a dominant force, influencing our choices and actions. We fight for what we believe is right out of fear that our rights will be stripped away, our choices restricted, and our power diminished. But what if this fear-driven narrative is, in fact, a distraction from a deeper truth? What if we are overlooking the power of inner transformation and healing?

The Aries full moon provides a unique opportunity for inner exploration and self-awareness. It encourages us to shed the protective force field we've erected around ourselves, realizing that it hinders not only the negative experiences but also prevents us from fully embracing moments of joy and fulfillment. When we seek external distractions to numb our inner turmoil, we inadvertently block the positive energies that could nourish our souls.

To embark on this transformative journey, we must learn to work with our ego—the part of us that seeks to protect our innocence and meet our needs. By investigating our triggers and understanding the emotions beneath them, we can trace their origins back to childhood experiences. This self-awareness enables us to reparent ourselves and meet our own needs, freeing us from dependency on external sources for validation and security.

As the Aries energy takes center stage, we are invited to revisit our foundations, both within ourselves and in our relationships with others. This full moon heralds a period of inner exploration, self-empowerment, and deep reflection. It challenges us to embrace vulnerability and trust in our innate wisdom.

The High Priestess of Light Oracle card, representing the Divine Feminine, reinforces the message of balance and receptivity. It reminds us of the importance of going inward to reflect on our present situations, receive guidance, and plan for the future. This period of increased magnetism and receptivity brings healing and clarity on physical, emotional, and financial levels.

Moreover, it may usher in significant connections, whether in the form of close friendships or burgeoning romantic relationships. Our growing receptivity to the energies around us can lead to karmic encounters that hold valuable lessons and meaningful connections. By opening ourselves to the divine feminine within and around us, we tap into our magnetic powers and initiate a profound transformation.

In conclusion, the upcoming Aries full moon invites us to embrace the divine balance within ourselves and our relationships. It encourages us to shed fear-driven narratives and explore the depths of our inner selves. As we navigate this transformative energy, may we find the courage to release old belief systems and embrace our inner divinity.

From My Heart To Yours,



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