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 Illuminating Your Subconscious Patterns with a 30-Minute Natal Chart Recorded Reading!

Uncover the hidden layers of your subconscious with a Natal Chart Recorded Reading. This immersive session acts as a powerful tool to shed light on your deepest behaviors and patterns, allowing you to gain profound self-awareness and understanding.

Through a personalized link, you'll embark on a recorded guided journey as I explore your birth chart on my screen. Together, we'll look through planetary alignments, houses, and aspects that shape your unique personality and life path.

By shining a light on the subconscious influences at play, this reading illuminates the patterns and behaviors that may have been operating beneath the surface. Gain clarity and insight into how these dynamics shape your relationships, choices, and life experiences.

To ensure you can revisit and reflect on this transformative experience, I provide you with a downloadable PDF. This valuable resource serves as a guidepost, allowing you to continue your journey of self-discovery long after the session concludes.

Step through the portal of your natal chart and unlock the keys to understanding your subconscious patterns. 

30-Minute Natal Chart Recorded Reading +pdf report

  • Once you purchase this reading, there will be "additional notes" section and in that section I will need

    Your Birth Time military time format

    Your birth location 

    Your Birth Date Month and Year ex:  Sept./12/0000-   you must spell out the month so I can assure we are in  the same format!

    After recieving information, it willbe about72 hours for the reading to be returned.  I will email you a link to a "loom" video that will have your chart on the screen as I go over what I see.

    You will not need to know astrology for you to understand this reading.

    You will also be given a pdf of your reading as well which will hilite key areas for you.

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