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Burn and Release Ceremomy

Burn and Release Ceremomy


 Because energy cannot be destroyed the burning ceremony involves all of the elements which allows for the energy to be transmuted into Love- The candles represent the relationship between you and the person /behavior/addiction that you are looking to release from.It is beautiful to watch the dance between the two energies and how that has actually played in your life it tells a story between you and whatever you are looking to release

 The candles are placed on a mirror surrounded by water and intentional herbs; Cats Claw/ Rose petals/Cedar/Rosemary.

Placing the candles on the mirror allows for the energy to be sent back to loving light, while the water allows for purification- the herbs in the water help gain strength, clarity, and protection.

 I record the candle burning ceremony, and channel a meditative release statement just for you. I upload the whole ceremony  and timelapse for you to listen to when you need encouragement, support or reminders.  This is also great to listen to at night time.


  • purchasing

    Once you purchase the ceremony, you can add "notes" and tell me what you would like to release.  The ceremony will be sent to you through your email, or your preferred way, within 48 hours.


  • How long is the ceremony?

    The time it takes me to record and write my channeling, is 45 min. I hyperlapse the video down to approximately a 6min video

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