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Intuitive heART Session

Intuitive heART Session


Giving your voicless Self, a Voice through art.

In this 90min LIVE ZOOM session, I walk you through the process of connecting with Spirit and guiding you  to your subconsious.  

A guided meditation followed by a series of questions that you answer through painting/coloring/doodling on your blank palette.  After we have connected and gone through the questions, we decipher and uncover what we see together.

This is an extremely empowering and fun way to participate in your own healing process.

Throuogh color and symbols that we create through feeling our art instead of thinking it, we are able to see what our minds have not been able to.

This process, not only is deeply healing, it is also something that you can do with yourself after you have learned how to let go of the control of what you think creating is.


Intuitive heART is a very unique session that  is not offered through most people, and I am excited that I get to share this with you and empower you through new tools to incorporate on your path


    After recieving payment, I will email you so we can figure out what time works best for us both, after scheduling the session, I will email the zoom link


    No artistic knowledge needed.  You will need, washable wide tip markers, and sketch pad UNlined.  IF you want to do painting, or oil pastels, we can do meither of those as well, let me know when you order the session!!

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