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Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life


This reading goes into depth about the 12 houses of astrology adding  energy from oracle and tarot cards.  If you have wanted to learn more about astrology thiswould be an amazing reading for you.  Each of the 12 Houses, are representative of different scenes in your life.  GOing through the houses, I explain what scene they each represent nd then bringing in energy from the cards to build on many different layersof your current reality.  This reading is very in-depth and looks at all aspects of your inward structure and your outward reality.  

  • Recorded Reading

    With all Readings, I upload your recorded reading on YouTube and send you your personal Link, within 48 hours of the payment processing.  My suggestion with my readings, because they are longer,  you can do dishes, or go about your day and listen while you do chores.  Then I would listen again with pen and paper to write down anything that stands out to you.  I am available for messaging after you finish the reading, for clarity of anything that I read for you if you desire.

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