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Your Year Ahead


60 minutes

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This is a 60 min. RECORDED READING.

As energy ebbs and flows, I use the seasons as a guide to how the flow of energy may present itself.

We will look into

• Overall themes for the year ahead

• Lessons you'll be working through

• What area to put your energy into

• What you will be releasing

▪︎ What new ventures could be. unfolding for you.

What is the purpose of the Year Ahead Energetic Forecast?

- The Year Ahead Energetic Forecast is designed to provide insights into the overall themes, lessons, and energetic flow you may experience in the coming year.

How is the forecast conducted?

- The forecast is conducted by utilizing the seasons as a guide for understanding the ebb and flow of energy. It involves exploring themes, lessons, areas to focus energy, and potential new ventures.

Why should I consider getting this reading?

- This reading offers an objective view of the possibilities and opportunities in your upcoming year. It can be particularly helpful for gaining clarity on personal growth, decision-making, and navigating life changes.

What will be covered in the 60-minute session?

- The session will cover overall themes for the year, lessons you might encounter, where to channel your energy, and what you may need to release. It also explores potential new ventures unfolding in your life.

Is the recorded reading the same as a live session?

- The recorded reading is a 60-minute session delivered to your contact info 48 hours from the time slot you chose purchase via a private YouTube link. While it lacks the live interaction, it allows you to revisit the insights at your convenience. It is a very detail and layered reading that you will want to revisit multiple times.

Is this forecast suitable for any specific occasion?

- Yes, it's great for the New Year, birthdays, or whenever you seek an objective perspective on your possibilities.

If you have any questions, I am here to answer them!

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