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Welcome to Heart Activation, created BY ELAINE, A FIERCE SOUL,(CLICK TO LEARN ABOUT ME) COMMITED TO SERVING LOVE AND CREATING A REVOLUTION OF LOVE REBELS. I FEARLESSLY advocate heart-centered living and I AM A catalyst for enduring change. I am here to empower and liberate those who have been marginalized, the rebels, and the outcasts of society. unapologetically provoking STATUS QUO,  EMBRACING raw authenticity, and radical empathy, I GRACEFULLY STAND as a disruptor, challenging the norms and initiating PROFOUND shifts.

 The heart of Heart Activation lies in nurturing a community of love rebels, a tribe of individuals dedicated to inner growth and authentic living. We believe that by fostering genuine connections, we can collectively inspire lasting change in the world. Our programs and services serve as catalysts for this transformation, AND the true power lies in the collective effort of our TRIBE. SACRED sELF-lOVE hAVEN fb GROUP, IS A PLACE FOR EVERYONE TO CONNECT WITH LIKE SPIRITED INDIVIDUALS. 
Founded with a CHILDLIKE spirit and a fierce commitment to change, HEART ACTIVATION is not just another website; it is a movement of Love Rebels breaking free from the constraints of the past. Our mission is to liberate hearts and minds, empowering each individual to embrace their true essence and rewrite their life's narrative.  our mission is to create a love REBELLION. WHERE We empower Love Rebels worldwide to rise as heart-centered WAYSHOWERS, fearlessly embracing their unique identities. As they liberate themselves, they become catalysts for broader change, transforming not just their lives but the world around them. AND WITHIN
SACRED SELF-LOVE HAVEN FACEBOOK GROUP THERE IS A TRIBE JUST FOR THAT. WE RISE ABOVE the notion of quick fixes and empty promises. Instead, we embark on a journey together, creating a foundation grounded in love, understanding, and compassion. Our community is the heart and soul of this revolution, bound by a shared purpose of self-discovery and healing.


 ANONYMOUS HEARTS IS OUR FREE FORUM, WHERE Transparency is our WEAPON. We provide a platform where individuals can share their most vulnerable experiences, tearing down the walls of isolation AND DISSOLVING SHAME, we amplify the voices of those who have risen from the ashes, inspiring others to do the same. 

We Are Never Alone, Together. Our Collective Journey Breaks Down Countless Barriers and Sets Free the Shackles of Shame. Through this transformative process, we come to realize the profound interconnectedness that exists among all beings, transcending boundaries and fostering a sense of deep belonging.

The essence of Heart Activation lies in the power of vulnerability and empathy, as we courageously share our individual pain points, paving the way for genuine connections to flourish. When we dive into the adversity of the experiences, we create a connection of understanding and compassion, dissolving the walls that once divided us.

In this journey of self-discovery and collective healing, the weight of our burdens becomes lighter as we discover that our struggles are not isolated incidents but rather a universal part of the human experience. We find solace in knowing that others have tread similar paths, and through their triumphs and perseverance, we find hope in our own potential to work through our pains.

As we traverse this path together, we find a renewed strength to dismantle barriers that have long hindered our growth and progress. United in purpose and driven by the resolve to break free from the chains of our past, we embrace our vulnerabilities, transforming them into stepping stones towards self-empowerment and shared liberation.

Part of Activating the Heart is fearlessly challenging old beliefs, actively seeking our blind spots, going against the grain of society to break free from societal constraints and generational patterns. We unlock the dormant power within each of us embracing our own misfit experiences, we access Divine gifts and unleash the limitless potential of transformation.



radiant rebirth: A Blueprint of generational Transformation the core of Heart activation is learning from our past, why we choose what we choose, to transform our choices and align to our authentic heart. I curated a self healing blueprint that is derrived from my decades of healing journey. I created a multi-tier system that allows many levels of interaction within a group and individually. I feel this is a revolutionary change agent that combines mind, body, and soul in a radical fusion. This takes healing to a profound depth, illuminating old constructs and deconditioning past thought patterns . this program empowers you to uncover your truth, empower your voice, and cultivate joy. With 13 accessible and transformative modules, individuals from all walks of life can embark on a life-altering journey of self-discovery.  Radiant rebirth makes transformation available to everyone without having to finance your healing.  You are working on rebuilding your life in a way that is more aligned for you- financing your transformation does not need to be a source of worry. 
THIS PROGRAM CAN FEEL LIKE, IT GOES AGAINST WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD- YAY!!- it thrives on being unconventional. And that might be the reason you're hesitant to take part in it at first. But hold on, let me share with you why this journey of healing is unlike anything you've experienced before.
Healing, in its essence, is about shifting our perceptions and embracing our experiences. HEALING IS A PARADOX TO THE MATERIAL REALM AND OUR MIND. To make transformative choices, we must delve into our past decisions, fearlessly questioning them and understanding how they shape our present.
This is not just about some parts of your life; it's about connecting the dots across all areas. Rather than shunning our shadows, we choose to radically love and integrate them. Every step of the way, you'll be guided through self-paced modules, with Elaine's presence THROUGH OUT THE MODULES AND recordings, SHE IS ALSO AVAILABLE THROUGH HER
HEART LED SERVICES AND accessibility through various social media platforms.
Imagine this program as a rebellious choice – one that encourages stumbling, learning, and growing through trial and error. It's about embracing silence, diving into the depths of your patterns, and celebrating each milestone achieved. This journey is against the grain, and it deserves CELEBRATION.


While our program caters to many, we go beyond the ordinary by offering heart-centered services led by Elaine herself. These exclusive offerings provide profound insights, delving deep into the blind spots of your life. Immerse yourself in a holistic approach to self-discovery and growth, with soul-nourishing mentorship, soul astrology readings, and transformative art sessions that unleash your creative spirit.

In intimate one-on-one calls, you'll experience a profound illumination of past perceptions, unlocking untapped magick that resides within you. Explore the mysteries of your inner landscape with CARD READINGS where hidden truths await, guiding you on a personal journey of growth and empowerment.

Mentoring at Heart Activation goes beyond surface-level interactions. It forges profound soul connections, led by Elaine, a visionary who speaks from the depths of her transformative journey. When you resonate with her story, you'll know you've found a mentor who truly understands your path and can guide you towards liberation. Elaine's ability to infuse childlike wonder into the healing process turns the mundane into something truly magickal. She celebrates and embraces perceived shadows, revealing the curious creation within the darkness.

THESE offerings are not for the faint-hearted; they are for those ready to dismantle limitations and embrace their true power. We are here to empower your soul's evolution.

At Heart Activation, we are not merely focused on selling programs and services; we strive to build a new foundation for lasting change. Our mission goes beyond transactional exchanges; we aim to create a profound impact that resonates at the core of individuals and communities. This journey is about empowering souls to rise fearlessly, liberated from past limitations.



Together, let's build a legacy of love, empowerment, and authentic living that will resonate for generations to come. We are here to build a new foundation that transforms lives from the inside out. Join me, Elaine, and let's weave a tapestry of liberation and love that spans the horizons of possibility. Together, we will rise and illuminate the path to personal and global transformation. Let the heartbeat of unity resonate within us, echoing the chorus of courage and resilience. Let us embark on this profound journey of Heart Activation, embracing our authenticity and supporting one another in our quest for healing and self-realization. Together, we form an unbreakable bond, proving that the human spirit knows no boundaries when united in love.

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