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initiation into the paradox:

Journey to Sovereign Living




This is where we revolutionize how we live by consciously excavating the barriers that keep us from knowing our true selves.
Through surrender and a willingness to let
things fall away, we discover the power of softening our heart

 We learn to lean into the Unknown and allow the unbecoming to be the point of liberation.

This is the exact opposite of what we have been told, and that is why this is lasting change.

When we face all the fears we have run from – we become Sovereign, a power no external force can diminish.

This container offers a unique approach to holding space and bearing witness. Facilitating change in ways that may seem counterintuitive, it is in this space we allow integration and compassionate inquiry.

 this may sound like a dream, and I understand that. Before experiencing this conscious initiation myself, I felt the same.

Stepping into this way of life reveals a depth you can't know until you open up to it.

Will You Invite this change In?

Hello dear soul,
I'm Elaine Elizabeth


I ignite love for life and teach the magic of the mundane.

My passion is self-healing and self-study.

I use my lived experience of transforming deep suffering to embody unconditional love, leading with uncommon wisdom. 

I have alchemized my pain into leading with purpose.


Learn More About Me

I trust in Divine Timing. If this feels like YOUR TIME, let's walk this path of transformation together

It would be an honor to walk alongside you!

Sacred Storyteller


Mom of 2,

Vulnerability Goddess, and Oppression Alchemist

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