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Let My story be a mirror for your self healing blueprint.

i would love to show you, through an intimate journey into my process- how you can learn to heal generational wounds and create an authentic life for you.

to be an example of standing in your own strength- how to be your own best friend, best lover, and greatest healer- an embodiment of the change we want to see in the world.

i am most passionate about showing others their innate ability to heal, think and empower one self

memoir magic

Pioneering a Path for Self- Healing

After writing my first book- "Blueprint to the Heart: Sovereign Healing Journey, I recognized that the book was a by product of deep generational healing, that there was a significant amount of magic and healing that happens in the process of writing, making and publishing the book. The process of the book, served to be immensely healing.

As I dove into writing my second book, my Memoir, I was gifted a vision,  to create a community that would allow for people to not only have exclusive access to my writing before i publish to amazon, but to allow to see the "how to" - behind the scenes of generational healing and how to use our story as a healing guide.  This is where i created "memoir MAGIC"


why this is so valuable:


unmasking the process of how i have healed layers of generational trauma, without trying to show up a certain way- allows for you to see, the power of embracing you exactly as you are- that we are all apart of a bigger process.  This creates a deep intimacy for us to show and reveal true aspects of ourselves, that may have been  hiding behind what we think healing should look like.

 transparency allows for  authentic connection to happen. When a safe space is created in " me too" this allows for us to feel safe to be seen. the whole process, though messy, is so divinely beautiful. we can allow for our unique path, to be witnessed and embraced through learning how to fall in love with the process- not just what they think healing 'should' look like.



Falling in Love with the process is learned through experiencing, not from teaching. Through this process, you have a unique opportunity to work through,(not limited to) core values, beliefs, trauma, addictive behaviors, codependency and self sabotage.  Seeing how someone goes through the transparent process, allows for you to show how to experience this in your life.  What is true for you, not just what someone says. 

looking for behind the scenes healing- not just the edited and trimmed version? 
I got you.

I was always someone who wanted to know how people applied what they taught into their own life- i never wanted to be told how to do things, but rather i want to see how things are done- in real life. 
("do you actually do what you tell me to do, or do you just give me lip service?")

I created memoir magic, just for this.  behind the scenes for generational healing, how to heal through writing and the process of how to use our story for empowerment-

This is for the ones, who are tired of fake promises and modalities that only cover a small area of healing- here you get a holistic, transparent approach.


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