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Elaine's blueprint charts

My obsession with astrology led me to discover Gene Keys, a system that immediately drew me in with its unique narrative of understanding. It felt as though my story was being told through a sequence of numbers, and I was given the "key" to unlock and turn shadow frequencies into the highest frequencies. While I don't guide people through their Gene Keys, I do help them understand and use their profile in the services I provide. If you're interested..I know some incredible Guides, that can take you through learning your profile in the Gene Keys.

Gene Keys made me cry because of the depth at which I felt heard and understood. It gave me a space to feel as though I finally knew why I had encountered and participated in life the way I had. I have gone through this system several times, and what I find profound is that it not only helps you understand the shadow energies of your personality but also teaches you how to transmute them into higher frequencies. Gene Keys is an excellent resource for learning about generational wounds and collective healing, while also giving you a conscious way to work through limiting beliefs.

I was initially drawn to Gene Keys and then came Human Design, which has had a significant impact on how I learned to use my unique energy in the world. Human Design is Most beneficial in learning how we work within connections and where we can work best with our natural state of energy in the Workforce. What is also super fascinating with Human Design is that it incorporates ancient systems like IChing, Chakra System, Tree of Life, and Astrology, and it helped me realize that I was trying to fit myself into places I wasn't meant to be. For instance, American culture's "hustle and grind" perspective has been detrimental to people's mental health, as everyone tries to fit into a standard that they believe they should adhere to.

     Learning how to use your energy to work for you is one of the most liberating things one can do, particularly for individuals who want to work with others. By understanding that I am a 3/5 profile, I discovered that I am meant to learn through experience, build and break bonds, and then share my knowledge through my experiential learning. I have gone through the depths of the underworld to return and then learn to integrate all the experiences and then assist others and show them easier and unique ways to dissolve their barriers to True Heart. All the trial and error in my life has taught me that I have not been wrong, that is part of my gift here.  I used this learning to help others during their darkest times and guide them back to an empowered state.

Human Design has also taught me that I am extremely sensitive and receptive. As an emotional manifestor with a reflector body, both of which are under 8% of the population, this knowledge has been crucial in understanding how to use and work with my uncommon energy blueprint. I have never been able to sustain energy and often shut down in overstimulated situations, which led to my drug use as I felt I couldn't finish anything because I was never operating at the same level as everyone else. Learning about my design enabled me to dissolve my beliefs about ADHD and begin to discover what I am meant to do. Having an uncommon energy type doesn't provide many opportunities to learn from others, but that's because I am a way-shower and here to pioneer a new way of doing things, which society will eventually evolve into.

As a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor with a 12/22 channel, I have a unique combination of traits and energies that shape how I experience and interact with the world.

My 3/5 profile, known as the "Martyr Hermit," means that I often learn through trial and error, gaining wisdom from both my successes and failures. This journey of self-discovery and experimentation is a central part of my path, guiding me towards a deeper understanding of myself and others.

With Emotional Authority, I make decisions based on the fluctuations of my emotional state. It's crucial for me to give myself the time and space to ride out these emotional waves before committing to important choices. This process allows me to gain clarity and ensure that my decisions are aligned with my true feelings.

As a Manifestor, I have a natural inclination to initiate and impact the world around me. My strategy involves informing others before taking action, which helps to minimize resistance and allows my initiatives to unfold more smoothly.

The 12/22 channel, or the Channel of Openness, connects my Ajna Center to my Throat Center. This gives me a powerful ability to translate abstract concepts into tangible expression, particularly through communication. I may excel at conveying complex ideas in a way that is easily understandable to others.

With 7 open centers, I am particularly sensitive and receptive to the energies of those around me. While this can make me empathetic and understanding of different perspectives, it also means that I may easily absorb the emotions and influences of others. Learning to set boundaries and discern my own truth amidst external energies is essential for my personal growth and well-being.

Being a Quadright, which is not that common- this shows me that I am very open to receptive and take everything in without me knowing.   This is by far one of the most interesting facets of my chart because,  notmany have this openness to energies, this is both very difficult and a gift. 

my Human Design chart reveals that I have a strong intuitive sense of how to navigate the world, especially when it comes to initiating projects and communicating my ideas. However, honoring my emotional process and learning to set boundaries amidst external influences are crucial aspects of my journey towards fulfillment and personal growth.

 Astrology, this is definitely the most well-known system for understanding energetic placements. For me, astrology simply made sense. Everywhere I went, people talked about it, and I realized that if everything carries different energetic signatures, planets must as well. Just like any other energetic entity, when planets connect through degree points, they create a whole other energy. Studying charts is a passion of mine, and it's amazing to see how they all work together to prepare for upcoming energies. When I finally understood my chart, I felt seen, heard, and understood, and everything in my past made sense.  There are times when I am experiencing a very difficult time and I look at my natal chart and feel comfort, that I am alligned with exactly where I am, and this has been a relief on many occasions.

With my Ascendant in Capricorn and Midheaven in Libra, I possess a profound inclination towards leadership, particularly in transformative endeavors. My authentic self-projection, as indicated by Saturn, drives me to guide others toward liberation from oppressive forces. Through my inherent charisma, Venus trine Ascendant, and confident demeanor, Mars sextile Midheaven, I naturally inspire those around me to break free from constraints.

My North Node in Gemini in the 6th House underscores my role as a catalyst for change and growth, particularly in areas concerning communication and service. This placement empowers me to facilitate transformation in both personal and collective spheres, aligning with themes of innovation and liberation.

In navigating challenges, such as those related to popularity and professional hurdles, Jupiter in the 11th House and Saturn in the 10th House, respectively, I am driven to overcome limitations and pave the way for others to do the same. My innate ability to balance actions with harmony, Pallas sesquiquadrate Mars, allows me to strategize effectively in dismantling oppressive structures.

Creatively, I embody the archetype of the leader in transformation and oppression alchemist through Lilith in Aquarius in the 2nd House and Vesta in Gemini in the 6th House. These placements emphasize my commitment to challenging norms and fostering meaningful connections, even in unconventional ways.

On a deeper level, my subconscious drives me towards freedom through friendships, Uranus in the 11th House, and transformation through power, Pluto in the 10th House. These influences fuel my passion for dismantling oppressive systems and promoting individual empowerment.

I feel 

 my natal chart reflects a profound calling to lead others in their journey towards liberation and transformation, serving as a beacon of hope and empowerment in the face of adversity.

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