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Merchandise for the


Spreading Love One Tshirt at a Time

I LOVE having conversation-starting merchandise- basically all I wear; what way is easier to get kindness spread, than with a shirt!  I work with Bonfire to create my merchandise because they bring brilliant awareness to many other organizations and ethically create products with a passion. They have an intuitive platform, however, for now, they do not link to this website platform. To go to my store at, click on the button below.  You will also find Id have all merchandise below, with direct links to the different merchandise options, click the picture or the title name!

Create a Buzz!  From My Heart To Yours!

Choose from over 4 different styles and colors

love yourself.jpeg

Choose from 5 styles and 5 colors

you are valid.jpeg

4 Styles and 5 different colors


5 different styles and 4 different colors


Choose from 4 different styles and 5 different colors


Choose from 4 styles and 5 colors.

your truth.jpeg

5 different styles and 4 different colors

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