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Chakra Energy Alignment Reading

The power to illuminate and change our entire perception of what is happening within us.

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Service Description

Healing is a human "right", not a privilege. I'm committed to making my healing services available to anyone who seeks them. That's why I'm adopting a 'name your price' model. If you can afford to give more, your generosity helps make these services possible for those who might not otherwise be able to access them. You decide what feels right to you. My previous rate was 75, but please give from the heart. Each chakra holds its own density and is connected to different emotional aspects of our lives. Through this reading, we can gain a deeper understanding of these emotional areas and how they may be impacting our overall well-being. This newfound awareness allows us to shift our perception and transform the way we approach situations. By perceiving situations differently, we can change the way our energy reacts to them, leading to energetic healing. This process not only helps to move the energy through our chakras but also reroutes our thinking patterns. As a result, we can experience a profound shift in our energy and begin to align with our true selves. *Comprehensive Chakra Exploration: Immerse yourself in a recorded session where I intricately explore each of your chakras. I pull multiple cards for every energy center, providing a thorough understanding of the unique energies at play. *Integration-Friendly Your reading is recorded for easy listening and integration. Listen at your own pace, replay for deeper insights, and take notes to enhance your understanding of the energies at each chakra level. *In-Depth Card Interpretation: Gain profound insights as I explain the significance of each card in relation to your chakras. Discover how the energies interact, offering you a nuanced perspective on your spiritual and emotional landscape. *Guidance for Energy Work: Receive guidance on how to work through the energies revealed in the reading. Learn practical techniques and approaches to harmonize and balance each chakra, fostering a sense of well-being and inner peace.

Cancellation Policy

***This is a recorded reading. Book in at anytime slot, it does not matter the time, because I will get your reading to you within 48hrs. of you booking your service. I will send you a link to your private reading to the email address that you provided.*** There are no refunds after the Session is Done. This Is Not a Service that is a one size fits all, and is not meant to be a service that gives you concrete answers- this service is to provide you with clarity, insight and empowered energy and requires participation of the service receiver.

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