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Wheel Of Life Reading

Look Into How To Navigate What is Happening In Each Area Of Your Life

  • 45 min
  • Location 1

Service Description

Healing is a human "right", not a privilege. I'm committed to making my healing services available to anyone who seeks them. That's why I'm adopting a 'name your price' model. If you can afford to give more, your generosity helps make these services possible for those who might not otherwise be able to access them. You decide what feels right to you. My previous rate was $75, but please pay from your heart Why This Reading is Beneficial: Navigating the complexities of life becomes more accessible with the Wheel of Life Tarot Card Reading. This unique approach simplifies the often complex world of astrology, offering you a personalized map of your life's journey without requiring prior astrological knowledge. As I guide you through each house theme, you'll discover the profound influence each area holds and receive guidance on how to navigate your path forward. The Twelve House Themes: The Self (1st House): Explore your identity, personal strengths, and the essence of who you are. Finances and Values (2nd House): Uncover insights into your financial situation, values, and material possessions. Communication and Learning (3rd House): Gain clarity on communication styles, learning patterns, and relationships with siblings. Home and Family (4th House): Delve into the foundations of your life, exploring themes related to home, family, and emotional well-being. Creativity and Romance (5th House): Illuminate your creative pursuits, romantic endeavors, and expressions of joy. Health and Service (6th House): Receive insights into your physical well-being, daily routines, and acts of service. Partnerships (7th House): Explore the dynamics of your relationships, both personal and professional. Transformation (8th House): Unveil the mysteries of personal transformation, shared resources, and deep connections. Philosophy and Expansion (9th House): Gain insights into your beliefs, higher education, and the pursuit of meaning. Career and Public Image (10th House): Explore your professional life, ambitions, and public reputation. Community and Friendship (11th House): Delve into your social circles, friendships, and contributions to the community. Spirituality and Endings (12th House): Reflect on your spiritual journey, subconscious mind, and the closure of cycles.

Cancellation Policy

***This is a recorded reading. Book in at anytime slot, it does not matter the time, because I will get your reading to you within 48hrs. of you booking your service. I will send you a link to your private reading to the email address that you provided.*** There are no refunds after the Session is Done. This Is Not a Service that is a one size fits all, and is not meant to be a service that gives you concrete answers- this service is to provide you with clarity, insight and empowered energy and requires participation of the service receiver.

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