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Ceremony Healing or Escaping?

There is so much hype around "plant medicine" for ceremony and healing.

Against popular "opinion" if this triggers you, please ask yourself why this gets a heightened emotion. I am here to investigate the sides of everything that people dont want to look at.

As everything else, this is only one perspective, everyone has different perspectives and I honor that- this is my insight.

If you have deep trauma and addiction tendencies, then this could resonate more deeply for you.

There are many, many different plants/drugs that are used to induce hallucinations and spiritual experiences. This has become a very acceptable way of accessing healing levels that are percieved as unattainable if not using these medicines.

Yes, you can reveal things that may have otherwise been able to because of the stress and shutdown in your nervous system.

However, this is still relying outside of self, for something that is already within you.

This can actually be more traumatizing if you are not guided after the ceremony..

You reach heightened states and go back to reality without integration or learning how to use what you have learned for continued healing.

People become reliant on this experience, and do not learn how to go deeper without any substances. You are a SOVEREIGN BEING, there is nothing that the external can bring you that you don't have internally- this is the paradigm we are evolving out of- relying on anything outside of self, REclaiming your GodSelf and all the.miracles you can do within you.

Again, I see benefits for people using this sparingly, however- in the spiritual community- it has become a sort of dependency that keeps people searching for "other" or "more".

If you have unresolved trauma, this is to be delicately opened up and nurtured through gently dissolving the mental and emotional barriers, otherwise there is a huge chance for a tail spin and causing more harm.

☆Questions to ask before you take any action☆:

Are you wanting to "not feel something"?

Are you wanting to speed a process up?

Is this my typical response or behavior?

Is this serving Love or Fear?

Be honest with yourself. Be still. Feel into it.

There are so many layers to unbecoming and rebuilding- it is a lifetime process with no destination.

Trust in the Self that is not the you , you think you are ;)

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