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Unveiling Christ Consciousness: Beyond Dogma to Spiritual Empowerment

A discussion unfolded on Moving Backwards (Episode 28) between the host, Aaron Abke and guest, Pastor Aaron Tomlinson. This post aims to the key points and insights shared during this thought-provoking dialogue.

Christ Consciousness Definition:

Guest's Perspective (Aaron Tomlinson):

  • Christ Consciousness embodies the divine mind expressing itself in all creation.

  • Connection to this consciousness is hindered by egoic illusions.

  • Rooted in the profound idea of the mind of God permeating all existence.

Biblical References:

  • Philippians 2: The oldest Christian Creed emphasizes having the same mind as Christ.

  • Colossians 2: Emphasizes the mystery of Christ within, not a novel concept.

Misinterpretations and Translation Issues:

  • Gospel of John: "Word became flesh" - interpreted as within, not merely dwelling among.

  • Colossians 3:11: "There is only Christ" - accentuating the universal nature of Christ.

Ego and Specialness:

  • Fundamentalism often caters to the ego's need for exclusivity, using Jesus' physicality.

  • Clash between the ego-driven desire for Jesus as unique and the universal, unconditional love of God.

Responsibility and Personal Transformation:

  • Critique of Evangelicalism for lacking pathways beyond hoping for miracles.

  • Emphasizes personal responsibility for transformation, being the cause, not just the effect.

Afterlife Reflections:

  • Challenges traditional views, suggesting the soul might not automatically transform at death.

  • Encourages a shift from focusing on the afterlife to empowering personal transformation in the present.

Empowerment through Christ Consciousness

Advocating for a perspective that empowers individuals to take responsibility for personal transformation and vibrational alignment with the divine. Embracing Christ consciousness transcends dogmas, fostering a sense of unity and love.

Names mentioned: Richard Rohr, Jesus, Paul, Eckhart Tolle.

Main Points:

  • The discussion revolves around the concept of Christ consciousness, emphasizing the need to move beyond ego-driven behavior and embrace a mindset of love and oneness.

  • Drawing comparisons between Western (Christian) and Eastern (Zen, Hinduism) approaches to divinity, highlighting the common goal of realizing oneness.

  • Christ consciousness is described as a lens of perception where love becomes the guiding principle, eliminating separation and fostering a sense of unity.

  • The importance of forgiveness and love in dismantling the ego, with references to Jesus' teachings.

  • Exploration of biblical verses, such as 1 Corinthians 15:22, to support the idea of consciousness transformation from Adamic to Christ consciousness.

  • Critique of religious fundamentalism and the importance of embodying Christ-like qualities rather than rigid adherence to doctrines.

  • Practical advice involves self-observation, being a dispassionate inner witness to one's thoughts and emotions, to gain awareness and dissolve ego-driven patterns.

  • The discussion touches on trauma, emphasizing that the power of past events lies in the mind's interpretation and the potential for self-empowerment through conscious realization.

Personal Reflections on this Coming Soon.

I have had a fire lit in my belly to speak on this more and I have so much to say on this- AND I wanted to get other perspectives first- so here is the one that I have resonated with the most.

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