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Overview of New Moon in Scorpio Reading. Depths of the Triggers

Outline of Video:

Moon Cycles and Cosmic Energies: A Dive into Scorpio

  • Scorpio New Moon on November 13th: Explore the transformative and intimate energies associated with Scorpio, ruling the underworld and symbolizing alchemy, death, and rebirth.

  • The Power of 1111 Portal: Unravel the significance of the 1111 portal, where the energy is not just in the numbers but in the intentions and attachments people place on them.

The Universal Language of Numbers

  • Numerical Vibrations: Understand the unique vibrations of numbers and how they contribute to the energetic blueprint of our existence.

  • 1s: Numbers of New Beginnings: Delve into the essence of 1s, symbolizing new beginnings and union, while encouraging personal discernment and individual interpretation.

  • 11: Mirroring and Soul Connections: Explore the mirroring effect of 11, reflecting perfection and deep soul connections, urging individual interpretation and resonance.

Scorpio's Essence: Transformation and Connection

  • Scorpio's Alchemical Realm: Uncover the transformative nature of Scorpio, ruling the depths where intimacy and connection with others lead to profound changes.

  • Inner Blocks and Triggers: Examine how Scorpio energy brings to light the blocks and barriers hindering true connections, acknowledging triggers as opportunities for growth.

Mars in Scorpio: Action and Reflection

  • Action-Oriented Mars: Discover the action-oriented nature of Mars in Scorpio, reflecting what aligns or contradicts with deep soul connections.

  • Heart Activation's Depth: Elaine shares insights into the heart activation process, emphasizing the activation of inner truths and connections through heightened emotional experiences.

Guidance and Reflections

  • Trigger Statements and Empowerment: Explore trigger statements and their empowered alternatives, promoting self-perseverance, clarity, and playfulness.

  • Archetypal Energies: Dive into archetypal energies like the detective, shapeshifter, and beggar, highlighting the quest for truth, adaptability, and dependence on others.

Cherishing the Present Moment

  • Heaven on Earth: Embrace the present moment as a reflection of heaven on Earth, where cherishing each breath and living fully in the now becomes a transformative experience.

  • Mantra for Living Fully: Adopt a mantra for living more spontaneously and making every moment count, fostering confidence, openness to truth, and satisfying relationships.

Living Fully in the Cosmic Dance

Elaine invites you to join her in this cosmic dance, unlocking the mysteries of Scorpio, embracing transformation, and cherishing the magic of the present moment. Engage in the Heart Activation journey to discover your own cosmic truths.

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