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Blue Moon Magic: Embracing Change and Renewal

Welcome the Pisces full moon, a rarity known as a "blue moon." You might have heard the phrase "once in a blue moon," signifying a rare occurrence. A blue moon occurs when a calendar month boasts two full moons, and this month gifts us just that.

Reflecting back, our month began with a full moon, followed by a new moon, and now we are on the cusp of yet another full moon – an intricate interplay of lunar energies. Let's not get bogged down in specifics; let's observe the cosmic choreography at play.

Our journey commenced with the full moon in Aquarius on the 1st of August, then the New moon in Leo on August 16th, Looking back, this retrospective viewpoint allows us to discern the patterns of these energies, extracting insights into their interactions and lessons. This is how astrology comes alive – deciphering the tapestry of patterns and their interwoven meanings.

The blue moon, which actually is also a Supermoon– comes around about every 2 years, last time being Aug.22 2021. Think back to what was transpiring then in your life- look at the patterns from then until now-what has left, what has begun? Connect the dots to be able to make introspective choices and releases.

We often cling to things out of comfort, even if they no longer serve us. Change can be daunting, and even the discomfort of familiar loops can feel safe. Yet, sometimes, not wanting to remain where we are becomes its own loop. It's paradoxical, but it's also perfectly fine.

Embrace the release.

The Pisces energy envelops us in a sense of escapism – a deep connection to the divine, where ethereal perspectives merge and the cosmic tapestry unfolds. Pisces embodies universal love, painting a canvas of connection beyond boundaries.

Pisces archetype is the mystic – someone swept away by feelings, deeply connected but occasionally adrift. This profound connection often leads to a unique struggle, where seeing both inherent goodness and pain within everything blurs boundaries.

Here's where discernment steps in. It guides us in deciphering whether we view through a wounded perception or a sacred one. As a mystic, you may have a profound connection with the divine, but it's essential not to disconnect from the material world entirely. By bridging this gap, you tap into the harmony between these perspectives.

Now, Saturn in Pisces takes the stage. Saturn, the planet of restraint, nudges us to uncover where illusions and dependencies cloud our vision. This energy encourages us to face the uncomfortable truths we've been avoiding, bridging the gap between idealism and reality.

This isn't just about placing blame or demanding accountability. It's about recognizing and becoming aware of the trauma responses that shape our choices. Saturn urges us to find tools to navigate our inner landscapes, leading us to our inner truth and sovereignty.

As the Pisces full moon approaches, it carries an air of melancholy and truth revelation. Relationships, not just one-on-one, but our connection with humanity as a whole, come into focus. We're called to engage with the darkness within humanity, using it as a mirror for our own healing.

Emerald Tablet Activation comes into play – a nod to as above, so below. This ancient concept resonates as we connect the dots between our inner experiences and their outer manifestations. The dense energies we carry can be transmuted into creative inspiration, allowing us to mold leaden experiences into golden opportunities.

Amidst the process, we're reminded that we shape our reality. Our intentions hold power, and what we desire also seeks us. The key is to align our inner truth with our external manifestations.

In this transformative phase, remember that inspiration blooms from the heaviest of experiences. It's through creativity that we bridge the gap between the earthly and the divine. As you journey forward, tap into the wisdom of the Emerald Tablet – the truth that binds above and below, and trust in your ability to shape your reality.

Quick Guidance through this energy:

  • "I welcome the wisdom of my intuition."

  • "I allow my emotions to guide me with clarity and grace."

  • "I release any resistance to experiencing my feelings fully."

Consider these questions:

  • What situations have I previously hesitated to trust my intuition or feelings in?

  • How have my emotions been a source of guidance in the past?

  • What behaviors or habits do I resort to when seeking to escape challenging emotions?

Acknowledge any escapism behaviors you've relied upon. These may have served to provide temporary relief.

Reflect on how these behaviors have served you in the past. Have they offered comfort, distraction, or a sense of release?

One of the most healing things we can do at this time is to be compassionate with yourself and allow the process of grieving old behaviors be ok with non-judgement.

May your path be illuminated by the brilliance of you.

From My Heart to Yours,


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