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"Heart Activation: It's Not What You Think"

Ever since I was a young girl, I remember knowing that if I "did what I am naturally good at," that "success" would come naturally. Throughout the years, this has refined—my definition of success is… well, I don't actually feel aligned with that term—What comes natural to me has remained consistent my entire life—being that person felt comfortable sharing their darkest moments with.

When my career as a Hairstylist was over after 17 years, I began feeling out which way I wanted to move forward with being support for people. I was a Recovery Coach for a couple non-profits, I was a trainer and a group facilitator. I was also trained in Peer Support. I fell in love with this role and wanted to "do" this role at a much bigger scale. I took my roles and applied my skillset at a trauma and addiction Home for women that focuses on a holistic approach to recovery. All of the titles had a couple more regulations and quite a few conflicts of interest that I eventually grew out of. In 2018 after I had an acute awakening—Bringing the Connection to a bigger picture and holistic healing had become my primary focus. I no longer saw the stigmas of the label, addict or alcoholic, I saw that everyone has a spectrum of dependency and I wanted to be open to being of service in that way.

I created Heart Activation in 2019 thinking that I would just do tarot reads for people… Turns out my skills are needed in a way that surpasses just card readings, so I began my trial and error of what Heart Activation "would evolve into." I chose Heart Activation because I saw and see that this is where society is leading—to a heart-centered approach. My presence and deep level of compassion are felt immediately and activate a level of care that most people have not felt; people become aware that the level of authentic care is real and available. As kind and empathetic as I am, I am also not afraid to say things that I see, which can be triggering—thus activating the heart—because whether or not you agree with me right away, most people come back and state that they wound up seeing what I was getting at. Heart Activation felt like an embodiment—it is not just a business, it is an extension of my Spirit that I allow God Energy to use for me being of Service. I Am Elaine, who I Am is expressed through Heart Activation.

There was really a question of how can I put my Heart out there for me to be in Full Service to be able to also provide for my family. It has honestly been one of the most difficult journeys so far—it has brought deep Worth Healing and Profound Prosperity Healing as well. Leading by Living in Heart Essence—it's the exact opposite of ANY entrepreneurial techniques that are typically taught. They teach you psychology to make people buy quickly and teach to override what you "feel" to keep promoting and marketing yourself—they teach to "run with it" and give a vibe of fake success—I gag at this approach (was once me being network marketing) and see how toxic it is in society. Heart Activation is part of the new paradigm of Earth's frequencies, meaning; Everything that I create within Heart Activation directly represents the embodiment of Self-Love, Harmonic flow with our Masculine and Feminine, and with the knowing that when we take care of Our Self first, with knowing that this is what is best for everyone, that this creates a Love that is ever Flowing. How Heart Activation Comes into play, I feel this is a bridge between people who have felt shunned, shamed, stigmatized, dependent, and despondent in life—bridging this part of society to Hope, Compassion, Empathy, and Understanding. Heart Activations hold many different containers to guide people to Fully Loving the Mess within Life and within us. There is no falsity, there is celebration for difficult times, there is a celebration of the dark parts—because this IS how our Heart expands and opens up. We have been taught that being "opened up" by life is a bad thing, and I am here to show this is such a gift—it is a tough gift to receive, so I am here to mentor and guide people to use the gifts of opening up, as an advantage.

What I offer within Heart Activation, are many tools that guide us to our True North—our authentic Heart—A keystone part of this is a 133-page healing blueprint, created by me with my decades of trauma therapy, years of recovery, and many different certificates, has allowed me an advantage of having the lived experience and giving the people a step-by-step manual on how one can heal deep generational wounds. I have mentoring packages that revolve around this blueprint, which are bar none, for providing a loving and safe space that allows people to really dig deep and uncover their gifts. Other tools that I use to guide people back to their true heart are Tarot and oracle—this is done in a way that people are able to see and confirm things at a dimensional perspective—it goes beyond relationships or money questions, this digs into What is happening within you that has blocked you from receiving what you feel is meant for you. I also read astrology charts. Astrology for me has been the tool that has allowed me to look at my behaviors as not personal, but rather, as a teacher that brings me closer to my truth—Astrology helps guide to patterns that are holding us back and how to work them to gain a deeper innerstanding of self—Astrology is a psychological tool once you understand all the archetypes involved—it's honestly a very profound tool to gain empowerment.

Within The Realms of me—I use my dark DARK past that was shamed, shunned, and stigmatized to tell stories on HOW I used the dark as a gift for where I am at now—I write blog posts, I write Social media posts, I do ALL the digital creations, edits, photo ops, i create everything myself, for Heart Activation. I Created the website and recreated 5 times, I have not hired anyone for any of this, I learn by doing and stumbling- Although I will say, I look forward to the day I can hire out some editing for videos! I show up on Social media platforms authentically, and allow people to see REAL HEART LEAD ACTION, and trust that who needs to hear my message—hears it. I am Building internally and allowing my 'Heart Activation' to flow from the wealth within. I am no longer afraid to sound "full of Self" when I say that I have a very unique way of representing healing, I am not better than—NOT AT ALL, this is within YOU too!!! I know that my message needs to be heard because of all the tribulations, and I have learned to LOVE all because of that—that IS a rarity—and not because I Am special—because I have done the unbecoming of all the mess of perceptions—and so here I Am, proclaiming: "Love is here in the dark I can show you!!!!"

I know Heart Activation will evolve a lot—I see myself actually becoming a public speaker, I Am in the process of writing a memoir and I also see that the people I Am mentoring, I will also train to mentor in a Peer Support Style.

There is SO much that has been uncovered, and More will continue to unravel, and I Am here for it all. At the bottom of this all is me, Elaine—Someone who passionately lives life—Loves empowering people through the oppressed and repressed parts of the past and having faith in humanity—I honestly have so much Love for you all, and I know that this type of Love will change the world—one Heart at a time.

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