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No Longer Suffering In Silence

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

"They are innocent; they are children

Flashbacks of those times.

You don't play like that; don't touch me.

Were you sick?

Did you like it; it's gotta be something.

don't like it but I'm defenseless.

How do you arm yourself

against people so relentless.

This isn't love; this is perversion.

A constant reminder of

sexual torture.

A vision of

helplessness and pain.

By hurting me, what could you have possibly gained?

forgave but I never forgot

I can't keep quiet anymore

for the sake of those


We can't be silent about

life threatening memories.

Those that damaged me the most acted like a friend to me.

Innocence stolen

and robbed me of my youth

Separated from love

and blinded by the truth.

My body was not yours for the taking

I cry because

I know there's hearts out there breaking.

Speak up

please speak up

because we need you

I'I always have an open heart;

contact me if you need to. "

-Danny Pinedo

Tortured and molested as a child, Danny was once trapped by his past traumas and addictions. As he heals he becomes stronger in his Faith and 12Step recovery, where he continues to be a powerful voice for those who are not yet ready to share their childhood scars.

Speaking up about childhood molestation, is one of the most healing actions you can do for your younger self and also extremely empowering for other people to hear that they are not alone. Danny has been able to make connections to his past attachments with porn, sex and women, as reminants from many childhood violations that he experienced. Fortunately, Danny is very open about all of his past hurts and how they shaped his old lifestyle of drugging, dealing, drinking and promiscuity and he shows how remarkable the power of a Higher purpose and perspective can shift your healing process. Most people who have experienced the darkness like Danny has, do not get a chance to be as involved in life and helping others as he has been able to. Not only has he experienced some of the most herendous acts a human could go through, but after this all, he still Loves people and has hope for others, even if they don;t share hope for themselves.. His focus is of being a Beacon to those who are still suffering and showing that there is a way out of the darkness, that there is a life to live and a life that you can Love, even after you have wanted to die. Danny reinforces my perception that the amount of darkness one can endure is in exact relation to the amount of light one can harness. Shine on Soul Brother!

If you or someone you know is suffering from past traumas, please dont hesitate to reach out to Danny, or I.




Suicide Prevention and CRISIS Lifeline: 988 on your phone OR

NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

SAMHSA NationalHotline: 1800-487-4889

For individuals or family memebers facing mental health and or substance use disorders. This service provides free refferals to local treatment facilities,n support groups,and community based organizations. OR TEXT your zipcode to 435748 to find help near you.

You are loved.

Blessings Beyond,


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