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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Through the unbecoming, the awakening process, everything that we thought, we knew, got swept away by revealing what truly matters for us. When we put so much emphasis on exterior circumstances you become unaware of what you rely on, until you have nothing to rely on.

Everything down to our WORDS, the language we use confirms us relying on an external system.

This week, I pulled cards for collective energies so Denise and I could unpack the themes together and let me just say, we have HUGE shifts happening. Society is continuing to experience shifts in areas of the mind. Anything that has been all in the mind will soon be dissolved into the ethereal realms. Neptune comes through and dissolves anything that is not in the highest good for us all.

How do we center in the middle of a crisis?

How do we use the chaos for creation?

First, know you are not alone. There are many that have paved the way for you and we are here as an anchor for your incoming energies. It's almost like new energy is coming online.

The old system is frying and glitching and the new energy is uploading as we speak. Bring forth energies of REbirth and REcreate, this indeed heralds a time of transformation. New ways of learning and seeing will need new tools to gain this knowledge. Through Astrology and Human Design, we begin to understand ourselves better so we can learn our true center in the middle of a Crisis. We allow Spirit to work with the flow and we don't need to worry about a thing, just learn compassion and empathy for ourselves to give this to others.

Blessings Beyond,


To contact Denise:

Denise Rolland

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