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The Biggest Illusion is That We Are Separate from Eachother

I anticipate the conversation Denise and I will share today. I look forward to regularly having her share her insights on healing, life, Human Design, and Love.

Denise has a radiant message for humanity and a beautiful gift for seeing Love in all scenarios.

Human Design has allowed Denise to return to Self, by undoing of all the things that society has put on her. She has shown that her authentic and Radiant Self comes through in how we talk about difficult and taboo subjects. While her experiences could be extreme for some she lovingly shares the wisdom she has gained and holds space with no judgment- which is a true blessing in the healing process for others.

In this episode, we get into how her marriage has gone from, straight outta prison to allowing and loving all aspects of her relationship to unfold naturally. We discuss how we understand how everything is about returning to Source/Divine and that everything external is just trying to get that same feeling. We have both experienced this yearning within addictions and relationships. We uncover the magic that happens when you meet people where they are at and how this has been a pillar of foundations in the unbecoming of self,

We cover a lot of ground in this episode and if you listen thoroughly you will see the one core message- at the root of the whole experience of Life is Unconditional Love and all the things we "DO" is all for returning Home to our authentic Self.

Blessings Beyond!!


To get in touch with Denise to have a look at your Human Design chart or for any reason

here are her links and YouTube Channel

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