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Burning Unicorn

Getting ready for the first Naked Heart Conversation with Denise, I experience an overflow of excitement- in our regular conversations, we flow and compliment the conversation to bring in awareness of our past to create change in our reality. We relate to our past experiences and both recognize Love as being our reason for coming together. It is few and far between that I can find someone who is as nonchalant and comfortable talking about the profound and taboo subjects like I am. Knowing that opening up these containers to have a nonjudgmental space to bring up these healing topics is part of the reason why Denise has shared an interest in joining in on the conversation. I get the video on Zoom on and low and behold, Denise has on, not one but TWO kitty ears- I could not have prepared a more perfect intro! "Gotta keep it light when we talk about this shit", she says- I couldn't agree more. Bringing in an innocent undertone to the conversation of the things once lost, having to grow up too fast, and not having the light-hearted fun as a child. Like some of us, Denise was not aware of her past traumas until she was pregnant and became enraged at her perpetrator, not understanding why- this was an experience that started to bring up inquiries into her past. Experiencing swings of the pendulum through her parents' seeking of their truth, she experienced extremes of organized religion to hippy go lucky and had lost more than just her innocence. Switching to Christianity had brought her Dad to burn everything in the house that was seen as the devil- Books, Albums, and some of her toys, which included her Unicorns, which was an emotional moment for her to recall the event, which symbolizes the tremendous heaviness that was experienced throughout her life. Continuing to seek her own truth, she went through more abuse in relationships and used drugs and alcohol to escape, she has faced some of the most painful situations that humans could experience. She has found her way to understanding how she works and living her truth through a pathless path. She discovered through Astrology and Human Design how to connect with her core, with her essence which allowed for years of unlearning all the trauma and conditioning. She has since been able to use her knowledge of Intuitive Human Design and Astrology to guide others back to their own truth and help bring in clarity and confirmation for the biggest transformations. As her story unfolds on Naked Hearts, you will continue to see the Divine Orchestration in how our stories has brought us together. I look forward to sharing more conversations with you, Denise!

Blessings Beyond,


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