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False Self as Army Sergeant to Higher Self Transgender

We often do what it takes to fit it and to feel loved. We drink, we smoke, we dress differently, we change our hair, we say different things, and we become a part of other communities, all to learn how and where we fit in if at all. All we ever want in life is to feel unconditional love and accepted by others- to know we matter. Joe's Father was physically abusive, so when his Mom died at 12, from alcoholism, Joey had to learn how to adapt to all situations. As things had become too negligent for him and his sister, they got taken into the foster system and transferred between homes. Having to become a chameleon in life, finding his Inner truth would be his biggest and most rewarding battle. Joey eventually learned that to be standing firm in his authentic truth and being able to move about in the world more freely would mean making the transition from female to male. After his transition, Joe's father died, sending him into a process of healing and forgiveness. Through all of the extremes in his life, he is able to relate to some of the most hurtful situations and has faced some of the biggest challenges in learning true Love. Joey is on a path to create change in the way we view Love, the way that we treat each other, and is on a mission to be of service in a grand way. He is pure light and operates from Love. I invite you to lean into this process with us and explore how you are not in alignment with Love and your authentic Self.

Blessings Beyond,


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