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Unlearning Our Intuitive Blocks

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

We unintentionally sabotage our intuition, so how do we learn to allow our innate wisdom to come through? Intuition is a muscle that strengthens as we begin to harness, so be gentle with yourself along this process We hurry so much and keep ourselves so busy that we don’t take time to listen to our intuition. - Slowing down allows us to catch feelings and details within the mundane that we would not have felt or seen if we just keep moving. Just being still, is a difficult thing to do, however we tap into some of our most profound moments when we are still. Nothing is a coincidence!! If you are getting signs or synchronicities, there is something trying to get your attention, it is not just a fluke! – Be open to all possibilities, the universe/spirit talks through everything that we see, we just don't know how to listen. Our ego(mind) will tell us that we are making it up. – The ego is threatened by things that cannot be explained or seen and therefore will make logic out of anything. We confuse intuition with fear and wishful thinking. – When we stay in our heads and let our emotions control us, we lose the gift of what our intuition can offer. Our intuition is objective and allows for the good in everyone involved in our higher perspectives We continue to associate with people who don’t believe in intuition or don't want to use it, or even belittle people who do use their intuitive abilities. – Intuition is contagious and so is a lack of intuition or lack of belief. We insist on staying in our logical, rational, analytical thinking as the only way to find solutions to problems or make decisions or find solutions. – When we are centered, using all our emotional intelligence tools and habits, intuition can flood us with many creative alternatives that the intellect could not conceive. We listen to our ego when it tells us it can handle the problem or situation itself. – We allow the ego to reject the insights that intuition offers. Ego mind is always seeking control. We believe we don’t need to learn tools, skills and habits to master our intuition. – By getting trapped in the endless loop of our heads, we never get a chance to develop our intuition to see how good it can become. Becoming aware is always the first step, and once we become aware of how useful and helpful our intuition is, it becomes a trusty friend. Allow a relationship to form with this new tool, it will continue to florish and positively impact your life. Blessings Beyond♡ Elaine

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