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Discovering the Truth Behind the Twin Flame Concept: My Personal Experience

I must address the recent documentary about Twin Flames Universe available on Hulu and Netflix. I witnessed numerous corrupt occurrences, and indeed, I have had my own encounter with this phenomenon. The reality is, one cannot predict their actions until they find themselves in such a situation.

Furthermore, this documentary has cast a negative light on individuals who have undergone a spiritual catalyst, and I am here to shed light on that aspect. By now, most of us are familiar with the term "Twin Flame," which has become a widely misunderstood concept.

In 2018, I experienced a profound awakening triggered by what some might label as a "Twin Flame." In 2017, I had made a personal commitment to love myself fully and abstain from dating, and then unexpectedly, this unconventional relationship emerged. Someone living seven hours away reached out to me in an intriguing manner – someone I had never met or heard of. At that time, I was closed off to interacting with anyone, but when he revealed that he had grown up just four houses down from where I currently lived, my curiosity was piqued. Despite my reservations, the synchronicities were too significant to ignore. He proposed to drive all the way for dinner and then return – stating that he needed to discover the source of the draw to me. I set clear boundaries, agreeing to dinner and a walk with the condition that clothes stay on and there would be no overnight stay. True to our agreement, we had dinner and a walk, but an unexpected kiss during the encounter awakened something profound within me, leaving me questioning, "What the hell was that? What Just happened?"

Within two weeks, we were discussing how to navigate a long-distance relationship and were determined to build a blended family despite being seven hours apart. It felt like a fairy tale. My life took a completely different turn and I left my career as a hairstylist to become a Trauma Support Specialist and faced resurfacing trauma, my life began looking completely different,my values and perceptions were changing. While things seemed to fall into place, I couldn't shake the realization that I had not learned how to be single. The old patterns resurfaced for us both, mirroring our respective past behaviors, and the intricate dance began.

There was a dynamic that surfaced, so familiar, the "Push and pull," resembling a game. It was profoundly disheartening to witness, yet I sensed a greater purpose. This is when an abundance of synchronicities and symbols began manifesting. Towards the conclusion of our relationship, we both underwent a "past life chord cutting reading." I recall being told that he would unlock hidden gifts and serve as a catalyst for my own gifts. Within a few weeks, he blocked me on all platforms, and our connection ceased.

The obsession began there. The twin flame dynamic bears a resemblance to a trauma bond. HOWEVER, when the relationship acts as a catalyst, individuals can embark on a profound spiritual purging. I experienced this firsthand, having prophetic dreams, gaining intuitive insights, and manifesting effortlessly. My obsession led me to delve into the intricacies of the twin flame relationship, a topic scarcely discussed at that time. Finding a community that comprehended the energetic dynamics was exceptionally rare.

I invested in THOUSANDS of dollars in healing modalities, delved into extensive reading, and underwent energy clearings, all in an attempt to grasp the essence of this relationship.

What echoed repeatedly was, "You are your own Twin Flame." The prevailing message emphasized releasing the notion of reuniting and, in doing so, invoking true love into my life.

And I absolutely believed they had no clue about what they were talking about, If they hadn't experienced the profound effects of this relationship, they would understand that I am correct.

I delved into various modalities with the sole aim of "getting him back." Surprisingly, what transpired was a healing process within myself. For the first time in my life, I embraced being single for a year. I explored generational healing and inner child work, recognizing a genuine desire for self. I yearned to heal the perception that I was ever incomplete, realizing that I am wholly in my being.

In the numerous twin flame communities I encountered, a recurring pattern emerged—the focus consistently on the other person. The Twin Flame Universe, in my view, presents a problematic perspective. While there are truths within the dynamics of any connection, all relationships are designed to bring one closer to their truest self.

What they don't disclose is that this process often shatters what you thought you wanted, leading you to create a truer sense of self. The cycle of questioning whether someone is your twin flame or not is ultimately irrelevant.

I also see that individuals labeled as "twins" (a label I don't subscribe to) are meant to disrupt internal patterns and raise awareness of the spectrum of dependency. At some level, people are here to catalyze unity within the wholeness of life.

Part of the Twin Flame obsession involves aspects they didn't address, overshadowed by the singular focus on entering a relationship. Our society's relationships often operate on a codependent level, rooted in fear. The concept of Twin Flames aims to revolutionize our understanding of love, introducing an unconditional love frequency that few have tapped into due to societal constructs.

Love has transformed into something people strive to attain rather than embody. Being in a catalytic relationship has opened my eyes to a new perspective on love and relationships—it's all about the relationship with the Self, the GodSelf.

I began to see that God resides in us all, not as a distant figure in the clouds but as the energy of all that is. Ascended masters like Jesus and Mary Magdalene were humans with the gift of vision and healing light—Love. They comprehended this concept more profoundly.

The story of Twin Flames is intricately tied to a new spiritual paradigm, one where God is the embodiment of Unconditional Love—it simply is. You cannot label an energy that is everything and nothing simultaneously.

People often get trapped in the narrative of the "other." The Twin Flame serves as a reflection in everyone; each person possesses a unique frequency that catalyzes healing towards their truer self.

In my observation, especially within the Twin Flame community, I noticed people desperately seeking love, and others capitalizing on that desperation. While we all crave love and unconditional acceptance, are we truly aware of how to provide that for ourselves? This is how I started seeing things—everything is a reflection of the relationship I have with myself. It all circles back to "I."

The journey of a catalytic relationship, regardless of the label, I deeply appreciate. It led me to rediscover my innate power and abilities, to heal core aspects of myself I previously couldn't face, and to remove the veil obscuring the truth of love in all things.

This is my journey, my realization, and not everyone will comprehend it, and that's perfectly fine. The person who initially catalyzed this journey is now married. Despite meeting a few times before he married, providing closure, which I didn't recognize at the time, I am forever grateful for the upheaval caused by that connection. The Twin Flame journey has also taught me that we are never disconnected; we are connected to all things at all times. When I forget, I simply breathe and connect to that breath.

I trust in the breath and the connection of all that is.

I've transformed what love means for me and for countless lives around me. I am changing generational wounds and reshaping the way relationships are perceived. I am healing the dependency on the "other" and embracing the cultural stigma of being single while loving it and finding fulfillment in life's higher consciousness.

On the ongoing journey, each choice becomes a step towards harmony and integrity. The singular relationship, with its complexities and revelations, has not only cracked open but illuminated the profound ability within me to navigate this path.

At the core of our existence lies love—the pure essence from which we are born as Love Beings. Everything else, mere layers of untruths, is unveiled through the intricate dance of relationships, exposing dynamics that hinder our true connection to ourselves.

Genuine connection with others mirrors the depth of our connection with the self. It all originates within us, a profound truth that may take time for some to realize. As we embrace this awareness, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, unraveling the layers and reaching the essence of who we truly are—pure, boundless love.


Nov 28, 2023

Great insight and journey. My book “The Addict’s Loop” goes into details about unconscious, generational codependence. The breakdown of twin-flame is codependence. Self-discovery is important but for me the true test is to work through the relationship triggers and neutralize the deep codependent patterns. Both people need to be willing. Not always the case. If you're interested you can watch my short videos on my website www.the also on my website read the 7 stages of a codependent relationship. Love to hear your feedbac. contact is on website. Best -Rene Eram

Replying to

Hello! Forgive the response time- I have not seen this till now- Divine Timing <3 I definitely feel the concept of most relationships has-been on codependency- I feel that the majority of connections is built on a conditioned perspective of what '"things should look like" and the dependency on that- I feel that the extreme of the twin flame concept appeals to those who have felt highly abandon and disconnected because the pull to that type of connection is so strong, that it is difficult to see anything else- or that the perceived relationship is only a tool to awaken us to another view of ourselves(mirror/twin soul) and we become attached to person and relationship- it so fascinat…

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