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You Are Not Falling Behind. Why Rebirths can feel like you are going backwards

Let's dive into some reflections on experiences many of us might be facing right now. If you’re feeling like your external world has been shifting dramatically, or perhaps the solid foundation you once relied on is crumbling, you’re not alone. If connections and relationships seem to be dissolving, or old behaviors are resurfacing, take heart – it’s part of a much larger process.

Embracing Internal Work

You are not falling behind or going backwards. In fact, quite the opposite. Your internal work is creating space for external transformation. When we embark on inner journeys – reworking, undoing, unlearning, deprogramming, and deconstructing – it shifts our perception of the world and ourselves. Consequently, our external reality must adjust to align with our newfound inner reality.

The Power of Inner Shifts

For instance, I’ve been struck by intense relationship dynamics that I haven’t encountered in years. These situations are arising because of the significant inner work and growth I’ve experienced over the past year.

"Your internal work is allowing for the external excavation to happen."

These experiences are illuminating how I’ve held myself back from blooming into my true self. The resistance feels intense, but it’s a necessary part of realigning with my most authentic actions.

Recognizing Patterns and False Foundations

One of the profound realizations during this period has been understanding past choices and patterns. Many of us are recognizing that the things we once considered stable and secure were built on a false foundation. We cannot buy into this falseness anymore.

Authentic Alignment

Our authentic selves are now aligning with our current reality. This process often feels like being caught between two worlds – the old and the new you, oscillating between them. This state of limbo is known as temperance. It’s not a sudden shift from old to new but a continuous illumination of cycles and patterns, helping us blend past energies with our desired new experiences.

Gaining Clarity and Trust

This transformative period grants us more clarity on our next steps and teaches us to surrender and trust in the divine order. It might not align with our current preferences, but often it’s exactly what we need. Uncomfortable experiences don’t necessarily mean they’re bad for us. Rather, they often highlight where we're becoming more aligned or where things are out of sync with our true selves.

Navigating Emotional Waves

The past few months have been a roller coaster of emotions and life events. Reflecting on this, I’ve recognized how certain patterns and relationships have kept me confined in a sort of container over the past year. These patterns, once hidden, are now visible, showing me the significance of letting go.

Embracing the Fear of Letting Go

It's crucial to understand that the things wanting to exit our lives now likely served a purpose for our previous selves. However, the new version of ourselves demands a more courageous and understanding approach. Trust yourself to let things fall away, even if it feels scary.

Using Fear as a Tool

Fear highlights what we value and can be a tool to direct our focus. It teaches us where we need to let go of things no longer relevant to our growth. Embrace the discomfort and trust the process; it’s part of aligning with your most genuine self.

the journey of transformation is ongoing. As you navigate the transition from old patterns to new possibilities, remember that each step, however challenging, is guiding you toward a more authentic existence. Trust yourself, trust the process, and allow the old to fall away, creating space for the new.

In Love,


I'd Love to hear what you are experiencing, please share in the comments below if you are open to that!

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