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Ending Karmic Cycles: Burning Away the Imbalances

Today, we're exploring the Libra solar eclipse on October 14th, around 1:14 p.m. Eastern Time. This eclipse brings a unique visual spectacle—a ring of fire around the sun, casting a symbolic illumination on our lives.

This marks the first Libra eclipse in nine years, prompting reflection on the significant events of the past nine years. Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, governs relationships in a broader sense—encompassing partnerships, friendships, and familial bonds. It invites us to examine how we relate to others, navigate legal contracts, and make choices.

The eclipse's energy prompts a deep introspection into our relationship dynamics, urging us to avoid focusing solely on external factors. Instead, we're encouraged to look inward, recognizing that true harmony in relationships starts with understanding ourselves. When faced with relationship challenges, the key is to bring the focus back to self, healing past wounds, and fostering a healthy connection with others.

As we navigate these energies, it's essential to approach relationship issues with a balanced perspective. Whether dealing with emotionally avoidant or anxious dynamics, the spectrum of experiences offers lessons for growth. Recognizing and addressing our attachment styles can be transformative, leading to more fulfilling connections.

This eclipse serves as a harmonizing force, guiding us to evaluate how we interact with others and prompting a shift towards self-awareness and healing. It's an opportunity to break free from patterns rooted in past wounds, fostering healthier relationships.

In this lunar cycle, themes of moderation, gratitude, and self-reflection emerge. The call to count our blessings invites us to appreciate the relative nature of experiences. While the idea of counting blessings may trigger discomfort, it's a reminder that even in challenging situations, there's room for gratitude and valuable lessons.

The victim mentality, a potential shadow, surfaces as a reminder to set personal boundaries and avoid playing the blame game. By taking responsibility for our experiences and standing firm in our boundaries, we empower ourselves to transcend victimhood.

The energies also highlight the importance of balance, with the Libra eclipse acting as a guide in harmonizing relationships and internal justice. It's a call to recognize the interconnectedness of karma and the ripple effect of our actions. Rather than externalizing blame, the focus shifts to internal empowerment and self-compassion.

In navigating these energies, the cards emphasize the significance of contribution, wonder, and resourcefulness. By actively contributing to positive change, approaching life with curiosity, and tapping into available resources, we empower ourselves to navigate challenges creatively.

As we embark on this transformative journey, the oracle card of Beauty resonates deeply. It encourages celebrating the divine feminine within, embracing inner beauty, and fostering self-love. This lunar cycle marks a significant shift in self-perception—a blossoming of divinity within, radiating a beauty that transcends societal stereotypes.

In essence, this journey is about healing past wounds related to appearance, body, and sexuality. It's an invitation to embrace uniqueness, behold the divine within, and recognize the exquisite flower each of us is in the heavenly garden.

So, dear souls, let's navigate this cosmic dance together with love, curiosity, and the unwavering belief that within us resides the power to transform and illuminate our paths. Infinite Blessings Love Rebels,



The potency of the program lies in its ability to dissect and scrutinize our values and belief systems. It's a journey from survival to self-love, deeply rooted in historical events and ancestral influences. We examine the external circumstances of past generations, unraveling the intricate web of values and beliefs they crafted. These beliefs, passed down through generations, often no longer align with our own realities. The program navigates these historical waters, connecting the dots between our choices today and the historical context from which they arose. This program is unconventional and brings in immediate shifts, this is for the ones who want change and have not found something that works for them yet. This is an intimate partnership between you and I and creates a beautiful safe space for you to evolve.


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