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Healing The Impossible

(If you are sensitive to Sexual assault situations, at 30min I start in on a situation that could be disturbing)

I invite you to allow the time of these episodes to be a time of reflection and contemplation. Our society is driven by constantly being on the go and has struggled with the mentality of " you are only worthy if you produce or hustle" This is an invitation to rebel against societal norms and allow this message to unfold in your heart.

The exact thing that we run from is our portal to healing. If we continue to run from things in our life that are seemingly impossible to look at, sometime in our life it will come out and will be more explosive than if we dealt with them in the first place. HOWEVER, I do recognize that there are specific paths that happen that allow us to see things in a way to actually be able to shift our perception to heal. Healing is all Divinely orchestrated and we heal at the exact time and place that we are meant to . The precise place of the fracture is where we can allow the light to penetrate through to our core and light our hearts to shine. If we continue to avoid the difficult conversations and continue to avoid looking at the hurt places, it continues to fester as weeds and will make life more difficult to navigate. When we allow others into our space and allow others to connect with us we can start to heal and feel that we are heard and that we are not alone. There has been a wall of impenetrable shame that continues to thicken as more time goes on without not being authentic in our struggles. You are not broken, you are not wounded or damaged, you are not an impossible person and you do not deserve pain. You are your own light, you are the love you seek. You are more powerful than you think and all you have been through is divinely guided for you to expand into your heart space. We can allow the pain to penetrate and hold anger and resentment or we can allow the pain to dissolve and turn into a more Divine life led by joy and empathy.

Blessings Beyond,


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