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The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

" What makes me fulfilled? Does what I am doing make a difference? What is my purpose here? Why am I at my job? What is Love? Do I even know what Love really is? Was I ever really Loved? "

These are only some of the questions that begin to take place when the awakening process enters your life. This process is "awakening" up to your own truth, recognizing that you have been buying into what everyone else has been told. Awakening, seeing clearer, may have you feeling alone, separated, and misunderstood, and that all serves a purpose. We experience some of the things that scare us the most, so we learn to face life unapologetically with grace and Love. You may have Mystical experiences that only YOU could understand, and if you tried to tell anyone, you are afraid that they would think you are crazy anyways. The more experiences you have the more you question everything up until this point- who were you living for BEFORE you started to see things differently? It feels like your world is crashing down, and in some ways it is. Your old sense of security, stability and safety are no longer resonating or feel important anymore. Through this process, it is for you to go into your heart and start to open up to the unthinkable, to another side of life that you were unable to see with your mind- this Awakens your true heart and brings in your "EGO" to let down the fight and armor that has been created your whole life.

Your ego only wants to be Loved, we have fought this dark part of ourselves for so long and it wants to know that it is safe to let the facade go. The Ego wants to melt into Heart's arms and know that you will no longer try to "fix" it, that you have unconditional Love for areas of your self that you have avoided - you are now answering the call from the Divine,

And by Divine, I mean pure Loving Energy, this could be God, Source, Universe- whatever you feel comfortable with- Most likely it will evolve through this whole process which is unbecoming of everything. In unbecoming, you see that logic doesn't make sense in this process and that everything is inside out, or at least you will feel that way. Logically trusting the Divine doesn't make sense, intuitively- it's the only thing that makes sense. You realize that you know nothing, yet feel excited about this, you surrender to the Divine flow and yet feel more empowered than ever. You have completely disconnected from everyone or everything to learn the ultimate connection- the one you have been seeking, a relationship with You and your Beloved- the Divine. As everything works through the process, you will want to fall back into your old ways and yet, you are unable to. Once you see, you cannot unsee your truth. This can be a very dark place, and if this is you, please don't hesitate to reach out for support. YOU are not crazy and you are not alone. Learn that talking to your Angels, and Spirit Guides during this time can be of ultimate comfort. How you begin that conversation, can sound something like this; "whoever is there I have never talked to you before I feel stupid doing this and I am looking to build a new relationship because I want a new way of living- please show me a sign that you are here...", and be open to however that shows up for you I just talk. I talk like they are right here with me because they are. They are just waiting for you to invite them into your life, and you consciously opening up to this side of life brings in a whole new awareness. So now that we have become more aware of why this happens, next will be some practices that you can incorporate into grounding your energy.

I am sending so much Love


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